Texas Longhorns Name Darrell Wyatt as Wide Receivers Coach

Kris HughesCorrespondent IJanuary 2, 2011

New Texas Wide Receivers Coach- Darrell Wyatt
New Texas Wide Receivers Coach- Darrell WyattGetty Images/Getty Images

As reported by several sources and confirmed by Texas head coach Mack Brown via his website, former Kansas Jayhawks wide receivers coach and Killeen, Texas, native Darrell Wyatt is the new wide receivers coach for the Texas Longhorns.

This somewhat odd announcement comes on the heels of the recent departure of former Longhorns wide receivers coach Bobby Kennedy to Boulder for the same position with the Colorado Buffaloes.

Wyatt brings a total of 21 years of experience on the offensive side of the ball to Austin. His reputation has been forged over the past few seasons as a top-notch recruiter, as he was able to convince many Texas-based players (including former All-American Dezmond Briscoe) to commit to Kansas over other competing Big 12 programs.

Wyatt has spent a total of 10 years with Big 12 programs, including a four-year stint at Oklahoma, where he reportedly was essential in the recruiting of Adrian Peterson to Norman. His recruiting focus at these previous schools was on East Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, both areas where the wealth of talent is massive and could add a quick jolt to future Longhorn receiver classes.

With Wyatt's hire being announced prior to the offensive coordinator hire, several questions beg to be asked: Has Mack Brown already hired the offensive coordinator and the public just doesn't know yet? Are potential candidates for the opening still being interviewed? Why would a receivers coach be hired before the offensive coordinator?

It's almost impossible to believe that a skill position coach would be hired who would not be a strong fit with the offensive coordinator. Given that assumption to be true, Texas fans should find out soon who will be the next coach to lead the maligned Texas offense into the 2011-12 season.

It is also strange that Mack Brown would bring on a coach to the staff that has a reputation of jumping to another opportunity without much thought. Wyatt has worked for a total of 14 different NFL and college programs in his 21 years. Shouldn't the Texas staff be looking for some stability, even in a "minor" position such as the one Wyatt is filling?

Wyatt's hire could be and likely will be the first in a series of announcements to rapidly take place as the holidays and bowl season come to an end. Texas doesn't have any more time to waste.