Ohio State and USC top week 3 games, what else is on the card?

David HedlindAnalyst IISeptember 9, 2008

Thursday Sept 11

North Carolina at Rutgers- Ok so it may not really actually be an appealing game but it is the only one on and being played this day. 1-0 North Carolina from the ACC vs. 0-1 Rutgers from the Big East. Anyone else feel any less excited?

Friday Sept 12

Kansas at South Florida- This is a little more like it. Two ranked teams going at it. Who would have guessed 5 years ago we would say ranked Kansas is going to ranked South Florida? At any rate there should be plenty of offense in this game, so my question is which defense is going to win this one?

Saturday Sept 13

Cal at Maryland- We saw USC go all the way across the country and beat Virginia. Can Cal travel and win too? If the two teams play like they did last week, it will be a long game for Maryland.

Florida Atlantic at Michigan State- Last year FAU knocked off Minnesota and has established itself as the current power of the Sun Belt. Michigan State is no Minnesota but I still think FAU will keep it interesting.

Temple at Buffalo- Who is the best MAC up and comer? Both teams scored wins to open the season, Buffalo over UTEP and Temple over Army. Week 2 offered losses for both teams but they were in the games only losing by a combined 14 points and 1 over time. This game may not decide the division but it may still have some impact.

Iowa State at Iowa- An inter-conference rivalry game. Iowa State hasn’t been the best team around lately but they still manage to play this game well. The cyclones only won 3 games last year and this was one of them. You know what they say, no matter how bad a team is, a rivalry is a rivalry.

Washington State at Baylor- BCS Pillow fight of the week. Both teams have new coaches and are feeling the growing pains. I don’t know that it will be a “good” game, but with the level of play by these two teams it should be close which could give it some excitement.

Central Michigan at Ohio- This was the MAC title game in 2006. Central Michigan is the favorite to win the conference this year and after the game Ohio gave Ohio State last week, this one is suddenly a little more interesting.

Michigan at Notre Dame- Not as bad as last year when the two storied programs entered this game 0 wins between them. I am not sure this will be a very good game, but how could we ignore it?

Arkansas at Texas- This is a revival of an old rivalry. Unfortunately Texas is ranked and handling opponents fairly easily and Arkansas has struggled with Western Iowa and Louisiana Monroe.

UCLA at BYU- BYU looking to bust the BCS open and get a BCS bowl. They beat Washington last week, and yes I am ok with the call.  Now they look to take on UCLA. The two split games last year playing one in the regular season and the other in their bowl game.

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech- VT was one of the favorites for the conference before losing to East Carolina, but they may still be. GT, on the other hand, had a bundle of questions entering the season as they started a new system with a new coach. So far GT has looked good.

Oregon at Purdue- Oregon hasn’t really been tested yet this season playing Washington and Utah State. However, they now lead the nation in total yards and have outscored opponents 110-34, and that’s something considering the questions they entered the season with. Purdue has only had one game and it was against Northern Colorado. Purdue QB Curtis Painter is a dangerous passer with weapons around him. I know people love Conference talk so right now the Pac 10 vs. the Big 10 is 1-1 this season. This will be the next in the series.

Georgia at South Carolina- Probably would have been a better game had South Carolina not just lost to Vandy…again. Georgia losing this one at home last year still makes it fun though. Plus it will be UGA’s first road game.

Hawaii at Oregon State- Not a high profile game now that we have seen Hawaii is so different this year from last year. Oregon State has also gotten off to a less than stellar start. I do think they match well though. Look for some points to be put up in this one.

Middle Tennessee at Kentucky- Kentucky, thus far, has not given up a touchdown. Middle Tennessee is coming off a big win over Maryland. So far the Sun Belt has scored a win over a BCS conference team in each of the first two weeks. Could this be the third?

Southern Miss at Arkansas State- Arkansas State scored the first of the Sun Belt wins over BCS conference teams that I mentioned above when they beat Texas A&M in week 1. Arkansas State then went on to roll Texas Southern, 83-10 so they are riding some good momentum. Southern Miss beat Sun Belt team Louisiana Lafayette to open the season but then lost to Auburn 27-13, but it was a bit closer than the score says if you ask me.

Stanford at TCU- Last years match up at Stanford was won by TCU by 2 points. Stanford let this one go after leading in the 3rd. This game was a week after the Stanford win over USC. This year there is no possiblity for a letdown game for the Cardidnal.

Virginia at Uconn- In my opinion both these teams were a little more lucky than they were good last season. This game ended 16-17 in favor of Virginia last season. Right now the Big East and ACC need these wins out of conference but I don’t know if beating up on each other will give either any cred.

Ohio State at USC- Remember all the hype we got for Virginia Tech at LSU last year? Anyone else feel that way about this game? I keep hearing it being called the game of the year. It hasn’t even been played yet. Granted there probably won't be another inter-conference game like this one until the bowls, but I just don’t know that I see it being as close as the media wants it to be.

Bowling Green at Boise State- I liked this match-up better before Bowling Green lost to Minnesota. Still should be a decent match-up though. Boise needs this win to get some momentum after a week off and a week before heading into Autzen Stadium to face Oregon and keep their BCS hopes alive.

Wisconsin at Fresno State- Fresno State wants to get a piece of that BCS too though. They started a good resume by beating Rutgers. Now the Bulldogs host Wisconsin in what should be their toughest test of the year.