National Championship Game: Why Auburn Will Beat Oregon

Ross ColemanAnalyst IJanuary 1, 2011

National Championship Game: Why Auburn Will Beat Oregon

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    National Championship Game: Why Auburn Will Beat Oregon

    Bowl season may be in full swing, but the National Championship is still over a week away.

    I will preface this article by saying that I think Oregon wins this game. However, if they don't these will be 10 reasons why Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers will win the BCS Championship.

    Let us know what you think. Do you have the Tigers winning or the Ducks?

10. Oregon’s Recent Bowl History

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    Since 2002, the Oregon Ducks have played in six bowl games. In those games, the Ducks have won just two games: over Oklahoma State in the 2008 Holiday Bowl and over South Florida in the 2007 Sun Bowl.

    Prior to that, they hadn't won a bowl game since the 2002 Fiesta Bowl.

    The Ducks have had a tendency to lay eggs in bowl games. If they do that this year in the BCS Championship game, Auburn will win big.

9. Darron Thomas

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    Darron Thomas has been just what Oregon has needed during his first season as the Ducks' starting quarterback. However, he hasn't had numbers that are all that impressive.

    He also has yet to really shoulder the load for the Pac-10 champs. For most of the season, he has been able to rely heavily on Heisman Trophy finalist LaMichael James.

    If Auburn is able to take away James and force Thomas to win the game, it would not bode well for the Ducks.

8. Oregon Has Not Been Tested Outside Autzen

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    This season, the Oregon Ducks only played against one ranked team away from home. On Oct. 30 the Ducks traveled to LA to take on USC when the Trojans were ranked No. 24 in the country.

    In their other two games against ranked opponents, the Ducks took on Stanford and Arizona at home.

    Oregon's Autzen Stadium is one of the biggest home-field advantages in the country. Their crowd is loud and they rarely lose in Eugene.

    Meanwhile, Auburn has a win over rival Alabama on the road and a win over South Carolina on a neutral field. Both of those games were impressive wins over ranked opponents.

    I honestly believe if the Ducks played Stanford anywhere else other than at Autzen, the Cardinal would have won that game.

7. Game On Grass, Not on Turf

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    Oregon's offense is about speed, speed, speed, and more speed. That speed is at its best when it is used on turf. Well fortunately for Auburn, this one is being played on natural grass.

    While that might not be a huge thing, it will definitely slow down Oregon's offense a step. That might be just enough for the Tigers to keep up with the Ducks.

6. SEC Schedule

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    Auburn has played a really tough SEC schedule. Frankly, it has prepared them to play in tough games week in and week out.

    If Auburn falters, it will be because they have had too much time off and they miss the week-in-week-out challenge of SEC play.

    Meanwhile, Oregon won a very poor Pac-10 where they weren't challenged.

    For Oregon, this game will be the toughest game of the season. I don't know that I can say that about Auburn.

5. Time Off Could Hurt Oregon

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    While speed is what Oregon's offense specializes in, timing is what makes the speed so effective. If the timing is off they will be mistake prone.

    After such a long break from games, Oregon's timing will be under the microscope. If it is off, even slightly, the Ducks' offense will struggle.

4. Nick Fairley

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    A year ago, Nick Fairley was just another guy on the Auburn defensive line.

    Now, Fairley is going to be a first-round draft pick in the NFL draft this spring. He is currently one of the best interior linemen in the country.

    Not many people have been able to slow down the Ducks' offensive attack, but Fairley has as good a chance as anyone.

3. Auburn Offense Vs. Oregon Defense

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    Oregon is ranked 26th in the country in total defense. They give up just over 330 yards per game. They are 15th against the run and 56th in passing defense.

    The Ducks give up only 18 points per game.

    Meanwhile, Auburn is seventh in the country in total offense. That's sixth in rushing and 69th in passing.

    In the battle of great offense against great defense, the offense usually wins out, and I think Auburn's offense is too good for Oregon to try and stop them. Maybe they can out score them, but stop them? No.

2. Cam Newton Passing Game

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    Cam Newton is one of the most efficient passing quarterbacks in the NCAA. He has 28 touchdowns and just six interceptions. Newton also leads the NCAA in quarterback rating at 188.2.

    Newton's passing yardage might not be astonishing, but he is good at it when he needs to throw the ball.

    Oregon has a fantastic secondary, but going up against Newton will be a tough task.

1. Cam Newton Running Game

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    Cam Newton is one of the best rushing threats in college football. He has recorded over 1,400 yards and 20 touchdowns. His rushing numbers are almost as good as Heisman runnerup LaMichael James.

    His running threat will cause massive problems for the Oregon defense, especially when they will already be concerned with the fact that he is the most efficient passer in the country.

    The reason Newton gets two slides is because he is really two players built into one.