College Football Bowl Game Predictions: Losers and The Winners, The Last 14

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2010

What will happen?
What will happen?Steve Dykes/Getty Images

I don't even know why I'm trying this.

So far by my standards I have been a bust.

I'm 9 - 9 as of this morning, pre Car Care Bowl. So, if you are making bets based on my bowl predictions then a fool and his money shall soon part.

Just for the record, predictions I made during the regular season were in the 80 percent range. But, who would ever have thought that Nebraska would come out and stink it up?

I should have.

No one wants to play the same team twice that they beat the hell out of the first time.

So, onto the prognostication.

Peach Bowl: South Carolina vs. Florida State

Without Christian Ponder, FSU would be nowhere and with him they are somewhat there. However, USC's defense will show up for this one and Marcus Lattimore will get after the Noles. 

Ticket City: Northwestern vs. Texas Tech

If Tommy Tuberville can screw it up a little bit more the Red Raiders will have a chance. Northwestern is bumbling through their season and has no impressive wins. Well, for that matter neither does Tech. A toss up game I gotta give it to Tommy.

Capital One Bowl: Alabama vs. Michigan State.

Things didn't turn out quite like the Tide planned and things turned out much better than the Spartans thought.

Coming off of a bitter in-state rival defeat, after being up 24 points over BCS Championship player Auburn, the Tide are going to look for redemption and they need to do it for four quarters. Unfortunately they won't find it.

That was hard for me to type. May God have mercy on my soul.

Outback Bowl: Florida vs. Penn State

Urban needs this win bad for his heartburn.

Joe Pa just needs some sleep.

Florida's defense is just what the doctor ordered and with a little ineptness from Addazio the Gators will pull this out.

Gator Bowl: Michigan vs. Mississippi State

The fighting Mullens are at it again. They have something to prove and won't take no for an answer! Actually, they will have to take no for an answer.

Without a passing game the Bulldogs are dead in the water.

Rose Bowl: TCU vs. Wisconsin

Who did TCU play this year?

Oh, that's right, Utah and Oregon State.

The chickens have to come home to roost at some point and Badgers love chickens! And don't give me that TCU is number one in defense bit because they played offenses that ranked 94th, 79th, 88th, 116th, 73rd, 118th, and so forth.

I know there were a couple of good offenses but overall, no.

Fiesta Bowl: Connecticut vs. Oklahoma

If Choke-lahoma shows up for this game I suggest a permanent ban on future BCS Bowl games for them. You can not be handed a more inferior opponent for this game than UConn. Wait, didn't Nebraska have the same platter?

Are you kidding me? I gotta call this for UConn? No! I refuse!

Orange Bowl: Stanford vs. Virginia Tech

Beamer, Beamer, Beamer.

Quietly, after getting outed by James Madison, VT has amassed a nice little record for this season. As far as stats go Stanford is hands down better on paper. Both teams have something to prove.

However, I think Stanford's paper is just too heavy for the Hokies.

Sugar Bowl: Arkansas vs. Ohio State

Now, may God have mercy on the NCAA's soul. What a joke.

I pledge to finish this article no matter how bad the predictions just as long as you come back and read it next fall. Without the power the Hogs had a chance. Ohio State breaks their SEC losing habits.

Go Daddy Bowl: Middle Tennessee vs. Miami Ohio

Miami of Ohio

Cotton Bowl: LSU vs. Texas A&M

Down their best running back, LSU already had some offensive woes. The defense has been slipping ever since the middle of the season. I look for the Aggies to win this in a low scoring game.

Birmingham Bowl: Kentucky vs. Pittsburgh

One without a coach and the other without the starting quarterback, what is one supposed to do?

I gotta go with the one without a coach ah la Red Raiders and West Virginia in bowls past.

Emerald Bowl: Boston College vs. Nevada

Enough already! Nevada!

BCS Championship: Auburn vs. Oregon

I wrote a detailed article on this a few weeks ago and have not changed my mind.

It is Auburn.

The Ducks just have not met up against a tenacious dual threat quarterback like Newton followed by a powerful back like Dyer. Auburn's defense is better than you think and is more battle tested. 

End Notes—

Don't be upset that I did not pick your team. As mentioned before my predictions are 50-50. The time off and desires for certain teams is not abundantly clear.

Swag bags and road fun will always take its toll on the focus of the players. So, enjoy the rest of the season and here is to a Happy and Winning New Year to you and your respective team!


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