Guns of January: Why the 2011 BCS Title Game Will Be the Best Ever

Nathan LoweryCorrespondent IDecember 31, 2010

Oregon LB Casey Matthews tackles OSU RB Jacquizz Rodgers
Oregon LB Casey Matthews tackles OSU RB Jacquizz RodgersSteve Dykes/Getty Images

Ohio State 31, Miami-24; Texas-41, USC-38.

The scores of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl and the 2006 Rose Bowl respectivley. Both of these games are the greatest BCS Title Games ever played.

They will both be trumped by Auburn and Oregon on January 10, 2011 in Glendale, Arizona.

The Ducks will be looking for their first ever National Championship while the Tigers will be looking for their first outright Championship since 1967; Auburn will be looking to continue the SEC's streak of National Championships, while the Ducks from the PAC-10 will be looking to dethrone the mighty SEC.

Both teams have created a match-up that leaves most college fans drooling.

The match-up features two Heisman finalist, Cam Newton (winner) and Lamicheal James (third), two high-powered offenses, the Ducks quacky uniforms, the best comeback teams in the Nation and the top two young offensive minds in Chip Kelly of the Ducks and Gus Malzahan of the Tigers.

Cam Newton, one of the greatest college players ever, will be looking to build off of his Heisman winning season by winning a National Championship in his first, and most likley, only season.

Newton is simply just pure fun to watch with his powerful running style and his cannon of an arm. With the sixth best scoring offense, Auburn's main attraction is Newton. With 48 total touchdowns and over 4000 yards of total offense, Newton is Public Enemy No. 1 for the Ducks and will be looking to do exactly what former Longhorn great Vince Young did to the Trojans four years ago.

Stopping Newton won't win the game for the Ducks though. Behind Newton are running backs Michael Dyer and Onterio McCalebb, who have combined for 1713 yards and 14 touchdowns. McCalebb is the speedy outside runner while Dyer is the up-the-gut power back.

Receiver Darvin Adams will also be a large factor in the game. With over 900 yards on 48 catches and seven touchdowns, Adams is a huge deep-threat for Newton.

But the most important part of the Auburn offense besides Newton is their entire offensive line.

The line is anchored by senior Lee Ziemba, Mike Berry, Ryan Pugh and juniors Byron Isom and AJ Greene. The total weight of those 5: 1,541—that's almost how many yards Lamicheal James rushed for in his freshmen season.

And all 1,541 of those lbs. paved the way fpr 6,470 yards and a Heisman winning quarterback in Newton.

Oregon, however, brings a dominating and deep defense to combat Auburn's offense. Trying to stop Newton will be linebackers Casey Matthews and Spencer Paysinger, defensive tackle Brandon Bair and defensive end Kenny Rowe—all seniors.

They are some of the most dominating defensive forces in the PAC-10 and have allowed a mere 18.4 ppg. Rowe reeked havoc on OSU QB Terrell Pryor in last year's Rose Bowl loss.

These four have combined for 221 tackles, 15 sacks, and two forced fumbles in limited playing time.

And to cover Darvin Adams will be John Boyett, Cliff Harris and Talmadge Jackson III. Together, those three have dominated the PAC-10's best quarterbacks in Nick Foles, Matt Barkley and Heisman runner-up Andrew Luck.

All together, the Ducks have 20 interceptions on the year.

Oregon's defense isn't even the main attraction on the team, however—it's the Ducks potent offense. They're the reason why Oregon is in the Natty. When your team gets close to 50 points every game, that tends to happen.

The offense is also incredibly fast, averaging a play every 15 seconds. That doesn't allow defensive players to sub-out, leading some teams to fake an injury.

Led by Super Sophomore Lamicheal James, the nation's leading rusher despite missing a game against New Mexico, the Ducks run for over 300 yards each game, good for fourth in the nation. James with 1682 yards, 21 TD's and six yards per carry, finished third in Heisman voting and has been one of the most dominating players in college football, with the ability to break a long run with his blazing speed and the ability to break free of tacklers twice his size.

Also in the backfield with James is sophomore Kenjon Barner, who averages 6.5 yards per carry and is a good receiver and special-teams star along with Cliff Harris.

QB Darron Thomas also starred in his first season in the starting role. With 32 total touchdowns and almost 3000 yards of total offense, Thomas is one of the best quarterbacks in the PAC-10. Freshmen Phenom Josh Huff also has big play ability.

Oregon's "No-name" offensive line also brings much of the success to the Ducks. Anchored by Bo Thran, Mark Asper, Jordan Holmes, Carson York and CE Kaiser, Oregon produced 6,446 total yards of offense. Senior Center Jordan Holmes was also a finalist for the Dave Rimington trophy as well.

Together, Oregon's offenseive line weighs 1,479 lbs.

Auburn, however, has one of the best defensive lines in the country. Anchored by defensive tackle Nick Fairley, Auburn has been stout at stopping the run and will most likley do the same to the Ducks. Their pass defense is an entirley diffrent story, however—and that will lead to the Tigers' downfall.

This is where the Maehl Man comes into play. Oregon senior receiver Jeff Maehl has been one of the most underrated players in the entire nation. Despite being on a run-first offense, Maehl brought in 68 catches for 948 yards and 12 touchdowns.

He has lit up the PAC-10 and will do the same to Auburn.

But the on-field story isn't the entire story.

Auburn started the season unranked and with a quarterback who had left Florida after a minor incident with the law and came in through junior college; Oregon started the year without He Who Shall Not Be Named (QB Jereimah Masoli) after he was kicked off the team following multiple arrests.

The Ducks would have been a preseason Top 5 team with Masoli, but instead dropped all the way down to 11th. Both teams had to lead multiple second half comebacks to stay perfect and almost lost on the road to unranked teams (Kentucky and Califronia).

Cam Newton dealt with a recruiting scandal throughout the year before being proved innocent. Both programs want to show that they are not lightweights and have taken a long road to Glendale.

There can only be one champion however.


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