The Bowl: Ranking the 15 Worst Bowl Names in College Football Hist

Michael CahillCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2010

The Bowl: Ranking the 15 Worst Bowl Names in College Football History

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    Now that we are in the thick of the college football bowl game season we get to take a look at everyone’s favorite topic: bowl names. While the Rose Bowl evokes a sense of pride and tradition, other bowl games are an embarrassment for the fans to say out loud.

    While the bowl might be a great game to watch, there isn’t much pride in calling your team the GoDaddy Champs. The only consolation is that Danica Patrick could be there to greet the winner.

    Still, since the beginning of college bowl games, makers have leaned towards bad taste and advertising dollars instead of good judgment and marketability. So let’s take a look at the best of the worst names in College Bowl History. 

15. The Wheat Bowl (1995-2006)

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    Never has a bowl been so sadly named. The Wheat Bowl evokes memories of cereal on winter mornings, but it doesn’t evoke a good football game. That might also have to do with the fact that it was college footballs only pre-season bowl game.

    The bowl is now defunct and Northwestern Oklahoma will now stand as the bowls most dominant team. 

14. The College Fanz First Down Classic (2007-Present)

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    If you were wondering what happened to the Wheat Bowl, look no further. The NAIA, or National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, pre-season bowl game was changed to this much more charming name.

    Nothing says dignity and honor like spelling the word “Fans” with a “z.”

13. The Los Angeles Christmas Festival Bowl (1924)

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    This was a one and done Christmas day game, featured USC and Missouri. When USC fell from their Rose Bowl appearance in 1923, they had to settle for this stinker of a Bowl game.

    The idea was to pit a non-bowl eligible Pac-10 team with the No. 2 Mid-American Conference team. The bowl only lasted for a year because the committee couldn’t secure another conference as a back up to play in the game. 

12. The Beef O’Brady’s Bowl (2008-Present)

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    This magical bowl features the Big East versus Conference USA. There is nothing that says honor more than mini-corn dogs and beer battered onion rings.

    This bowl will be remembered as the one that the players pretend they can’t remember the name of. 

11. The BBVA Compass Bowl (2006-Present)

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    The problem with this bowl isn’t just the awful name, but the fact that no one seems to know what BBVA stands for. T

    his bowl had previously been known as the Bowl, but decided against sponsorship since Mike Teel remains the game’s most famous MVP. 

10. The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (2002-Present)

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    In a successful attempt to ruin the integrity and the bragging rights of the Bowl game, the game formerly (and respectably) known as the Emerald Bowl, is now known as the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

    Because the one thing that starving kids want is a big bowl of Mac 'n Cheese and a tasty jug of Tang…actually that’s probably exactly what a kind wants.

    Still a stupid name for a bowl game.

9. The Bowl (2001-2002)

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    Of all the dot-com bowls, this might be the absolute worst name of them all.

    The bowl was later changed to the Houston Bowl. This game did actually feature teams like Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.

    Notable MVP’s from the Gallery bowl include David Garrard and Kevin Williams.  

8. The Cosmopolitan Bowl (1951)

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    Nothing says manly like the word "Cosmopolitan."

    This was a one and done bowl played in 1951 between McNeese State and Louisiana College. McNeese won 13-6.

    There’s little information as to why the game was never played again, but with a name like the “Cosmopolitan Bowl” no one really cares either. 

7. The Meineke Car Care Bowl (2002-Present)

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    Talk about corporate sponsorship: the Meineke Car Care Bowl was originally called the Continental Tire Bowl and is played at Bank of America Stadium.

    If it were any more corporate the players would be wearing NASCAR jumpers covered in decals. Notable MVP’s of the game have included Matt Schaub and Dion Lewis.

    Still, for a game that has featured some good schools like Virginia, they could’ve come up with a better name. How about the Meineke Bowl? It’s not much, but it’s a start. 

6. The Silicon Valley Football Classic (2000-2004)

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    What about computer nerds would evoke the image of college athletes? Nothing, right? It

    could have also been called the Fresno State Bowl as the team appeared in four of the five games played. In the end the game didn’t evoke much interest from the fans and the attendance numbers sunk this poorly named bowl. 

5. The Refrigerator Bowl (1948-1956)

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    This misguided name seemed like a good idea at the time. The Fridge Bowl was played in Evansville, Indiana. At that time it was known as the refrigerator capital of the world, as they pumped out 3,800 units daily.

    While the name might not have been enough to sink the bowl, the quality of teams put this bowl back on the shelf. Teams like Arkansas State and the Kent State weren’t exactly top-tier teams. 

4. The Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl (1997-Present)

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    There’s nothing like playing hard all season to get a shot at the Pizza Bowl. This isn’t what you would call the height of prestige.

    However, it’s not much better than its previous name of the Motor City Bowl. Still they have managed to feature college stars like Byron Leftwich and Chester Taylor.

    Still, it must take a little bit of the wind out of your sails to say you played in the “Pizza! Pizza!” Bowl. 

3. The Cherry Bowl (1984-1985)

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    Apparently the orange is the only fruit worthy of its own bowl.  However, this ill-conceived bowl game is a rather note-worthy.

    It was the first ever bowl game in the Motor city, well before the actual Motor City Bowl was conceived. It also features the first appearance of Army in a bowl game.

    So it gets credit historically, but suffers due to an awful name.

2. The Glass Bowl (1946-1949)

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    What a horrible name for a bowl. Sure, it is the name of something that actually exists, but it’s a terrible name for a game against two titans of college football.

    Fortunately, the titans of college football were busy playing in other bowl games.

    Toledo had the honor of playing in every one of these games, and winning three of the four bowls. You can say without question that Toledo is the ultimate Glass Bowl team, but you won’t see them put that on their website. 

1. The San Diego East–West Christmas Classic (1921-1922)

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    What a completely awful name for a college bowl. It’s no wonder it doesn’t exist anymore.

    This name is so literal that it might as well be the “Two College Football Teams From Opposite Ends of The Country Come and Face Off In A Winner Take All Showdown Bowl.”

    Perhaps the downfall of the bowl wasn’t the name, but the fact that it drew teams like Centre and Gonzaga in back-to-back years. It’s not surprising that it lacked the attendance to carry on. 

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