Nebraska Football: Would Bo Pelini Be a "Shoe"-In for Ohio State?

Brandon Cavanaugh@ IDecember 28, 2010

LINCOLN, NE - NOVEMBER 13: Coach Bo Pelini of the Nebraska Cornhuskers leads his team onto the field to play the Kansas Jayhawks at Memorial Stadium on November 13, 2010 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nebraska Defeated Kansas 20-3. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)
Eric Francis/Getty Images

It’s been a frequent worry since late November 2007 in Lincoln.

When Jim Tressel inevitably moves on, will Bo Pelini make a mad dash towards Columbus?

While rumors regarding Tressel’s retirement swirled and were quickly squashed, some Cornhusker fans couldn’t help but get a little jittery while uncertainty filled the air.

“If The Vest hangs up his headset, does Pelini return to his alma mater?”

In a word: No.

TCU’s Gary Patterson or Boise State’s Chris Peterson—these are two coaches whose houses the Buckeyes would drive a dump truck full of money up to before Pelini’s Lincoln, Nebraska, residence.

It’s all about results.

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Patterson has a 61-18 record coaching the Horned Frogs. He can’t count the number of coaching awards that he’s won on two hands.

Peterson has a 61-5 record including two undefeated seasons as the head man at Boise State.

He’s also helped to evaluate and coach up NFL-quality talent. Say what you will about the Broncos’ schedule. Ask Kellen Moore or Austin Pettis how they feel about their football futures.

Eastern Washington or Idaho could use a quarterback like Moore. Utah State could certainly use a wide receiver like Pettis.

Coach Pelini is no slouch with a 30-11 record. He’s never lost a bowl game, either.

Let’s review the three main goals that Nebraska had coming into the 2010 season: Win the Big 12 North division, win the Big 12 championship and win a BCS bowl/national championship.

The Cornhuskers won their division, as they have every year under Pelini, but Nebraska once again fell short in the Big 12 Championship Game. Quite a bit has been said about the Cornhuskers’ bowl destination, but it’s not Glendale, Arizona.

Pelini does have several notable accomplishments as Nebraska’s head coach, however.

He oversaw the development of the most decorated Cornhusker of all time in current Detroit Lion and Pro Bowl defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

He perfected a scheme that provided the 2010 Cornhuskers with arguably their best secondary in a decade.

Should junior linebacker Lavonte David make five tackles in the Holiday Bowl versus Washington, he will have broken current Tampa Bay Buccaneer Barrett Ruud’s school record of 149 in a single season.

This also can be attributed to Pelini’s teachings.

The t-shirts sold in Nebraska upon Pelini’s arrival, and to this day, don't lie: Bo knows defense.

In regards to offense, many Cornhusker fans are asking, “Where’s the beef?” and they're not curious about the linemen.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez dazzled both Nebraska fans and the college football world early in the season, but was never the same following an injury versus Missouri.

Backups Zac Lee and Cody Green simply didn’t have the same athletic abilities that Martinez did, though Green proved to be more than serviceable as the regular season came to a close.

Nebraska has come close to finding its offensive identity, winning a conference championship and playing in its first BCS bowl game since the 2001 Rose Bowl.

Unfortunately, like in most pursuits, being close only counts in "horseshoes."

It certainly will not land Pelini on the home team’s sideline in “The Shoe” any time soon.


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