"Justa SEC": SEC and Other News That I Care to Bring Up

GreekWarEagleContributor ISeptember 8, 2008

Here we go!  College football is in full swing now, and just two weeks in, debates can already begin.  This is just a quick rundown of what I saw, heard, or just feel like commenting on from the past weekend.


"Vandy is Dandy!" 

South Carolina - 17 : Vandy - 24

Can you believe that Vandy is 2-0? Not only that, but as of this moment, Vandy is on top of their division in the SEC.  Now I know that won't hold, but still they were looking good last Thursday with their win over South Carolina. They made the Head Ball Coach throw his visor for the first time in a few months. 

Since it's early in the season and I can still say this, maybe this IS the year.  Maybe Vandy COULD see a bowl game.  Maybe they have finally found a way to keep that lead they always seem to lose after halftime...or maybe they just had their annual unexpected upset a little early. 


"Auburn dominates with a passing game? What the hell?" 

Auburn -27 : S. Miss - 13

Well, it would seem Auburn has settled on a QB.  I'm not sure I agree with it yet.  But Chris Todd did put up some nice numbers and hit pretty much every receiver that the Tigers had on the field.

The questions on the table are: Does he have the arm strength to throw the long ball?  Can he move when he needs to avoid those painful SEC sacks?  Guess we'll find out...

Interesting side note, almost every running back AU has fumbled on Saturday, two of them in the red zone.  Someone please make sure they duct tape a football to their hands for the rest of this week.


"Bama does NOT lose the game after a big win!" 

Alabama 20 - Tulane - 6

Seems like no one is acting like themselves these days.  Bama showed signs of poor output against Tulane, but in the end, the scoreboard showed a hefty beating.

I was getting a little nervous after watching the Clemson game, but this game gave me some hope. Those reading may know I'm a huge Auburn fan, and I may from time to time be a little bias towards my school.  But I'm not blind, nor am I that type of a fan (like most Bama fans) that absolutely HATES my rival.

I enjoy watching Bama football; I rooted for them against Clemson and was very impressed.  I would love to seem them win every game except their last one.  Of course that could be a violent meeting, because I want Auburn to win EVERY game, and both these teams showing up undefeated for the Iron Bowl would probably cause some sort of focused hatred and tension that the dead will rise from the grave, like the river of hate in Ghostbusters 2.  But at least Bama may be able to get the Bear back, so there's that.


"Ole Miss, Near Miss" 

Ole Miss - 28 : Wake Forest - 30

I almost cried, this was one of those games that every SEC football fan gets excited for the little guy.  Hated rivals come together when a fellow SEC brother about wins an unexpected game against a non-conference team.  But regardless, Ole Miss's near win makes us all look better, and exposes the rest for the lackluster conferences they are.


"Other Stuff"

East Carolina is on a roll! I started watching them after my favorite NFL teams picked up Chris Johnson in the draft, and man, they are great.  Like someone else posted, I bet a lot of schools are looking at how to get them off their schedules for the next few years.

Ohio State is fine. Hopefully they will beat USC, I don't really believe it, and probably won't bet on them, but I just hate USC.  They just got caught sleeping last week.

Vince Young pouts on the sideline, keep a spanking fun Jeff Fisher, then runs back onto the field only to hurt his knee.  Maybe now we REALLY do have playoff chances with him sitting out the next three or four weeks.

Tom Brady pulled the complete opposite of VY. While some Titans fans see Vince's injury as a good thing for the team (Would never wish harm to the man, just saying more good passes = more TD = more wins) the cornerstone of the Patriots team (Tom Brady) goes down for the season with a torn ligament in his knee.

Are the Patriots done now? Will Brett Favre lead the Jets to the playoff now with Brady out?

There a lot more to talk about, but my lunch break is only so long at work, and I think that should be enough to get the conversation started! Enjoy, and talk to you later!