Wisconsin Football: Top 10 Items on the Badgers' Christmas Wish List

Carl Stine@@CFBAllDayCorrespondent IDecember 22, 2010

Wisconsin Football: Top 10 Items on the Badgers' Christmas Wish List

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    Twas the week before Christmas, 

    And all through the land,

    College Football lay dormant,

    Except for a few brave bands,

    The players were practicing hard for their bowls,

    With visions of Hurricanes, Tigers and 'Noles,

    As the Badgers prepared for the Frogs in Pasadena,

    A light bulb went on in the head of Bret Bielema,

    "It's almost Christmas",

    The head coach said,

    As visions of running plays danced in his head,

    And as Scott Tolzien passed with the flick of his wrist,

    The coach wrote to Santa his Badger wish list.

10. Beautiful California Weather

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    Forecast for Madison -  highs in the 30s.

    Forecast for Pasadena - highs in the 50s and 60s.

    Give me the warmer weather for this particular game...

9. A Healthy John Clay

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    While James White shocked fans with his electrifying speed and ridiculous cuts, and Montee Ball plowed his way through defenses, piling up yards and touchdowns on the way, fans have not forgotten John Clay.

    This junior was predicted to have a Heisman type season, but injuries have plagued him all season.

    Clay has not been healthy since the Iowa game.

    When he is, he has the capability to run anyone over and produce points(see the OSU game).

8. A Clean Off-Season

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    in the wake of the Cam/Cecil Newton allegations this season, and amid the flurry of violations at other schools(USC), here's one for the Badgers.

    An off-season free of injury, legal issues and academic failure.

    Hopefully James White doesn't get any tips from Reggie Bush.

7. A Home Victory Against The Huskers

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    In the Nebraska Cornhusker's inaugural season in the Big Ten, they face Dr. Gee's proverbial "murderer's row."

    With Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa and Michigan State all on the schedule, the Huskers are in for a tough start, even if Bo Pelini pops an artery...

    This Christmas the  Badgers should be wishing for a victory in the conference opener in Madison against Nebraska.

    It won't be easy...

6. A Contract Extension For Bret Bielema

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    After some years in the infamous "hot seat" Bielema has pulled himself out of trouble and into a position of respect.

    Instead of being "the guy after Barry Alvarez", he is now "the guy who took the Badgers to the Rose Bowl".

    As such he should be rewarded...

5. A Rose Bowl MVP

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    If the Badgers manage to beat the horned Frogs in Pasadena, it will be because of stellar play from one of their stars.

    One item that should be on every Badger fan's wish list should be a piece of MVP hardware for John Clay, Lance Kendricks, Scott Tolzien, Nick Toon or J.J. Watt.

4. Chris Borland

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    Linebacker Chris Borland had a fantastic Freshman campaign, capping it off with a Big Ten Freshman of the Year award.

    The Badger's defense took a huge hit on the defensive side of the ball when Borland went down, and the Badgers and fans should be wishing this talented young man a speedy recovery.

3. New Division Names

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    Legends and Leaders?

    Come on...

    Jim Delany is supposedly reconsidering the naming of the divisions, and if he is, we can all hope for a speedy fix to this fiasco...

2. One More Year

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    Please come back...

    J.J. Watt has been one of the most explosive players in the country, forcing fumbles, batting balls and tackling opposing players in the backfield with reckless abandon.

    He is a junior this season, and has a definite future in the NFL.

    A statement from Watt committing to a return for next year would check off one wish on most Badger's lists.

1. Rose Bowl Victory

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    The biggest wish at the top of Wisconsin's wish list is a Rose Bowl victory.

    The Badgers would confirm their place among the nation's best teams this season, as well as use the momentum as a springboard for next season's campaign.

    A loss would be absolutely devastating, especially after a banner year for UW.