5-Star RB Isaiah Crowell: 10 Reasons He'll Sign with Georgia Over Alabama

Edwin WeathersbyAnalyst IDecember 21, 2010

5-Star RB Isaiah Crowell: 10 Reasons He'll Sign with Georgia Over Alabama

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    Isaiah Crowell of Carver, Ga., is a dominant running back and one of the elite runners in the country.

    A complete back who can do it all, Crowell is highly coveted. He has stated that his top two schools are Alabama and Georgia.

    While he has been considered a lean to the Tide, we'll list 10 reasons he'll opt for the Bulldogs.

10. Deion Bonner and Gabe Wright

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    Bonner and Wright are Carver attendees and both have stated they like in-state Georgia. Crowell and the pair are best friends and Crowell also has grown up liking UGA. Why not continue the friendship in Athens?

9. Good Fit for His Running Style

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    Georgia's offense evolves and tailors itself to its personnel.

    With A.J. Green, their desire was to get him the ball, with Knowshon Moreno, the same.

    Crowell's every-down and do-it-all style is a good fit for UGA's offense and a perfect match for their running scheme.

8. Trent Richardson

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    With Richardson returning to Tuscoloosa next year and looking to have a breakout season, it may be tough for Crowell to get the rock as much as he'd like.

    Crowell has stated in the past that he wants to be a freshman All-American, and Richardson may prevent that at Alabama.

    Also, is it certain that Mark Ingram is leaving for the NFL?

7. Knowshon Moreno

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    Crowell's style is a bit similar to Moreno's, and Crowell watched Moreno develop into a top 15 NFL Draft pick growing up.

    It's not far-fetched to say the same can happen to Crowell.

6. A.J. Green's Likely Depature to the NFL

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    Green is a virtual lock for the top five of the NFL Draft next April and is just about gone from Athens.

    Georgia will be looking for another offensive weapon to pair with Aaron Murray, and Crowell has that much immediate potential.

5. Jarvis Jones

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    Jones has left USC and is now enrolled at UGA.

    He is a former Carver, Ga., alum whom Crowell looks up to and is friends with.

    Jones has said he will leave the decision to Crowell, but Jones' being at UGA is a good look for the Bulldogs.

4. The Senior Awards Banquet Gala

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    Crowell will attend Georgia's Senior Awards Banquet in early 2011, scheduled for the day after his scheduled announcement.

    He's expected to win numerous accolades there.

    Take a wild guess on which certain Peach State university's campus this banquet will be held... 

3. Aaron Murray

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    Murray was a legend in high school in Florida and has the makings of surefire stud in the SEC.

    It's a fact that QB play is crucial to a team's success, and Murray is far more talented and accomplished than any QB on Alabama's roster.

    Crowell and Murray would bring back memories of Stafford and Moreno in Athens.

2. "Feels Like Home"

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    Crowell is a Georgia native, and on a recent visit to UGA, he said, "It just feels like home."

    Crowell seems most comfortable at Georgia and is also extremely close with his mother. What mother doesn't want to keep her children as close to her as possible?

    Another good draw for UGA.

1. Mark Richt's Stated Prime Desire To Sign an Elite RB

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    Without breaking NCAA Recruiting rules, Richt basically named without naming Crowell as his No.1 desire in this year's class.

    Richt has told the Georgia brass that he wants the Bulldogs to sign an elite running back who can come in and compete right away.

    UGA is putting the full-court press in their courting of Crowell and going after him very hard.