Missouri Football Recap: Tigers Take Care of Business Against SE Missouri

Peter FleischerSenior Writer ISeptember 7, 2008

Everything pretty much went as it should have on Saturday for the Missouri Tigers against Southeast Missouri State (SEMO). The starters ran up the score early before Gary Pinkel let his reserves and freshmen into the game to get some valuable live experience.

Unlike Illinois, this game was actually a pretty win. Everybody did what they were supposed to do, and Missouri won 52-3 in it's first home game.


-I guess just to go in chronological order, we can tip our hats to Chase Daniel right now. The only blemish on his stats was one incompletion, and he had three TDs and 245 yards. Pretty good stats for less then two quarters.

-Whenever it's 42-0 with 4:00 left to go in the second quarter, you know your team was in control. Although nothing spectacular happened after that point, plenty of players got a ton of experience on the field at Faurot. Among the freshmen that made impressions were Blaine Gabbert, Jerrell Jackson, Dan Hoch, and Will Ebner.

-Let's talk about Gabbert, the first five-star recruit in school history. He only went three-of-eight, but he had good touch on a couple of balls that weren't pulled in. I think playing with first stringers he would have shined.

-Another bright spot was the flashy and fast Devion Moore. Moore didn't see any time against Illinois, but I'm not sure why. He's shown both in spring practice and now against SEMO that he's definitely talented. He had 75 yards on nine carries for an average of 8.3 per carry. Look for him to progressively get more carries. 

-Sean Weatherspoon for Heisman? He has as many TDs as Graham Harrell does through the air, DeMarco Murray does rushing, and more then Michael Crabtree period. He's an absolute stud. But on the downside, his leaving early becomes more likely with each amazing game.

-Missouri fans probably wanted 100 points on Saturday, but Gary Pinkel did the rght thing by not running up the score against SEMO. Chase Daniel could have had abour four more TDs and still been out by the fourth quarter, but a lot of SEMO kids are probably Missouri fans that couldn't play at that level. Gary really showed some class.

-Not much to say. Nobody did anything stupid, the team took care of business, and we're moving on to Nevada next week in Columbia. Hopefully the reserves that got time will show their maturity in the future and Gary Pinkel will see the payback from this game.