Cam Newton: 10 Reasons Auburn QB Will Fail Miserably Vs. Oregon In Title Game

Thomas CopainCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2010

Cam Newton: 10 Reasons Auburn QB Will Fail Miserably Vs. Oregon In Title Game

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    When the lights go up on the BCS National Championship Game on January 10th, the spotlight will be shone directly on Cam Newton.

    The Heisman Trophy winner has been the most talked-about player in the sport this season, for reasons on the field and off. But he's been able to put all the distractions behind him to this point.

    There is no stage like the National Championship in college football, and one has to wonder whether or not Newton will be at his best in Arizona.

    So with that in mind, here's 10 reasons why Newton will fail in Glendale.

10. Draft Status

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    Newton's been hailed as a first-round draft pick by most who follow the NFL Draft, should the quarterback decide to come out. But one has to wonder if all the talk surrounding Newton about being a NFL quarterback might not be starting to leak into his head.

    And I'm not making excuses or any condemnations about his character, but perhaps he'll be thinking about it on the field in Arizona.

9. Bound for a Bad Game

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    Newton's been a star, and rightfully so.

    He's a big reason why Auburn is in the BCS National Championship Game for the first time.

    But one has to think that Newton is bound to have an off day, it happens. And if that's the case, will his teammates and Auburn's role players be able to pick up the slack?

8. Risk of Injury

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    Newton's style as a rusher and a thrower makes him extremely dangerous. It also makes him vulnerable to injury.

    He's not injury-prone, but running and duel-threat quarterbacks do have a history of getting worn down by injury.

    And as with anyone in football, regardless of position, sometimes it only takes one play to suffer a major injury.

7. Keeping Up with he Ducks

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    Arkansas has a very good offense, as does South Carolina. But Auburn hasn't faced an offense like Oregon's yet.

    That puts pressure on Newton and the Tigers to keep up with the Ducks' offense, which is hard to do when it seems like a blur, both figuratively and literally with the Ducks new uniform set for the game.

6. Heisman Curse

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    This can go either way, because Mark Ingram performed very well last year.

    But before Ingram, the Heisman winner's team hadn't won a National Championship since 2004.

    So there's that to keep in mind, plus the fact that four of the last five quarterbacks before Newton to win the trophy and appear in the National Title game lost as well.

5. Making Newton One-Dimensional

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    Newton is a dynamic talent, who's proven he can throw just as well as he runs. But the pass and run games compliment each other very well, and perhaps the best way to stop Newton is to make him a quarterback and keep him contained.

    That way, instead of being able to create, he's bottled up and forced to throw, making it somewhat easier on the defense.

4. Oregon's Defense

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    Newton's faced better defenses than Oregon's (especially in the SEC). But Oregon's defense against the run is near the top of the FBS.

    If Oregon wants to make Newton one-dimensional and force him to be a passer, than the Ducks have the history and the personnel to do so.

3. Taking Away His Options

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    Keeping with the defense theme, Newton has a lot of help from Michael Dyer at running back and Darvin Adams at wide receiver, who's a big target for Newton and has the ability to run by defensive backs.

    Oregon may be a lot of things, but slow isn't one of them.

    If the secondary weapons for the Tigers are taken away, that might be just as effective as stopping Newton himself.

2. The Investigation

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    Yes, I'm aware he's eligible to play and no, I'm not saying he shouldn't be. But even though he is eligible, the NCAA didn't close the case and it's still an opening and pending investigation as well.

    He's shaken off the allegations, but one has to wonder if all the questions and all the allegations are on his mind and is weighing on him heavily.

1. Pressure

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    In the end, there's one thing to remember about Newton. He's still a young man, playing the biggest game of his life in front of millions of people and every set of eyes will be on him.

    The pressure from the media, the fans, the students for him to perform and to deliver on the big stage will be extraordinary.

    He's proven before he can play under pressure, but will he be able to keep an even mind with the sports world watching?