Justin Wilcox to Texas? Top 5 Reasons Tennessee Def. Coordinator Should Stay

JESSI SHARPECorrespondent IDecember 20, 2010

Justin Wilcox to Texas? Top 5 Reasons Tennessee Def. Coordinator Should Stay

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    There are numerous message boards lighting up throughout the Internet about Justin Wilcox being in possible negotiations with Texas about the defensive coordinator position.

    He is currently in a three-year deal worth $600,000, so there is probably nothing that Texas couldn't do as far luring him away with money.

    Tennessee is in a rebuilding phase, which has forced Wilcox to dig into his bag of tricks more this year. First of all he has had to fill in positions that have little or no depth. For example, Marsalis Teague played wide receiver last year but had to move to cornerback.

    It seems the defensive line has been constantly shuffled around because of no depth at defensive tackle. Luckily Malik Jackson transferred from USC (thanks for kicking Lane Kiffin in the ribs, Malik!) last year. Funny thing is he came to Tennessee as a rush end, a sack master if you will. However, he has provided the only real depth in the interior defensive line. Who knows who will line up beside him from play to play? It's a crapshoot.

    One of the starting safeties, Brent Brewer, was a minor league baseball player before coming in last year, and he's 23 years old. So it's understandable to be frustrated without the players one needs to build a defense.

    One rumor is that he isn't exactly jiving with defensive line coach Chuck Smith. Smith, a Tennessee alum, has a great reputation of training NFL defensive linemen since retiring from a Pro Bowl-filled career. The only problem would seem is he has trained people individually and may not get the whole "work as a unit" concept yet in his young coaching career.

    Smith was a Derek Dooley hire, and I don't see old Chuck going anywhere, even if it means losing his defensive coordinator. Too much history there with them being high school buddies and all, plus it seems the defensive ends have been one of the few bright spots this year on defense.

    In the following slides are the top five reasons Wilcox should stay in Knoxville. Please feel free to comment.

Help Is on the Way!

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    Brian Randolph: Georgia Gatorade Player of the Year

    The recruiting season is not over, and there are plenty more surprises to come before National Signing Day.

    However, below is a list of believed to be solid commits so far. Looks like the defensive line and secondary seem to be priorities this recruiting season.

    4-star DT Maurice Couch

    3-star MLB A.J. Johnson

    3-star S Brian Randolph

    3-star DE Jordan Williams

    3-star CB Justin Coleman

    3-star DT Allan Carson

    3-star DE Trevarris Saulsberry

    3-star OLB Christian Harris

    3-star S Pat Martin

Tennessee Orange Is Better

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    Tyler Bray in Tennessee Orange

    Now look at Tyler Bray in his home jersey. Isn't there something about it that just jumps out at you and grabs your attention? That's right. It's the Orange. Sorta makes you feel alive inside, doesn't it?

    Now if you look below at Ricky Williams in this dreary shade of burnt orange, you will notice the eyelids are starting to get heavy. It's almost more like brick red. You remember. That crown that always got tossed to the side when we was little.


Show These Young Men Money Isn't Everything

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    Lane Kiffin: Former Tennessee Coach

    The players that stuck with this Dooley regime deserve nothing less than applause after getting lied to by the previous regime of Lane Kiffin and crew. Instead of leaving like some did, they decided to stick it out and give the school a chance to bring in someone else more loyal.

    Instead of playing for the future Hall of Famer defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin that they were sold on, they got Wilcox. Don't get me wrong; Wilcox is proven, though young.

    Someone needs to show these kids that money doesn't affect all decisions in life. Wilcox needs to show these kids as a mentor that loyalty goes a long way in this world, despite what happened to them last year.

    Come on, Coach Wilcox. Do the right thing.

East Tennessee Is Beautiful

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    Aerial View of Great Smoky Mountains National Park

    Mr. Wilcox, look at this view. There is nothing like this that Texas can offer. Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the few free parks left, so no worries in denting your $600,000 paycheck.

    Beats tumbleweeds and brown dirt any day, my friends. Just beautiful green everywhere.

100,000-Plus Fans

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    Fans in Neyland StadiumGrant Halverson/Getty Images

    Not only the players were hurt by last year's transactions, but so were the fans. So please, Coach Wilcox, from this Volunteer fan: STAY.