A Jim Delany Renege? Will Big Ten's Legends and Leaders Be Axed Already?

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IDecember 17, 2010

To say that the response to the new "legends" and "leaders" divisional names in the Big Ten was bad would be an understatement. An overwhelming majority of the fan base have voiced their disproval of the names by many different means of communication.

Today conference president Jim Delany addressed those concerns and assured fans that they would look into finding a more suitable name for each division.

"I think we have enough experience with names, and expansion and development of divisions, to know that you never, rarely, get 90 percent approval rating," Delany said in an interview with 720 WGN. "But to get a 90 percent non-approval rating was, you know, really surprising."

Delany would also say that they would look into further naming options during the upcoming months and that nothing was completely set in stone. He wanted to be able to breathe for the next few days or weeks to see if the names, who were chosen due to the conference's rich history, were, "sustainable."

Delany would go on to say that the uproar was "humbling" but you never know what to expect when it comes to the fans.

Many fans will say to Delany, "What were you thinking in the first place?"

The simple solution is some sort of generic "lakes" and "plains" or "east" and "west" scenario. Therefore, nobody makes a big stink about it and generic wins out.

The bottom line is that it doesn't affect the divisions at all. Nebraska will still battle it out with Iowa and Michigan. Ohio State will still throw down with Penn State and Wisconsin.

Are the names a little bit stupid?

I say yes, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

So what is yours?

Do you like the L&L train, or would you like to see a different name, or even perhaps a generic division name?

Feel free to post your thoughts below, and maybe we can rename the conference divisions on our own...