Great Moments at 2010 Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia

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Great Moments at 2010 Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia
The Corps of Cadets conduct the "March On" at Lincoln Financial Field

In what other rivalry do the two competing student bodies give each other a cheer every single day during the year to "Beat" their arch rival.  In what other rivalry are the schools and alumni so unified in the common purpose of defending our country.

The common theme of the rivalry between Army and Navy is consistently decribed as intensity, respect and friendship.

This year we had the honor and privalege of conducting a radio show covering West Point football which gave us the opportunity to meet the players, coaches, instructors, officials, and alumni of the US Military Academy.  We just kept meeting dedicated, well trained, purposeful, and polite individuals, one after another from the Superintentendent on down to the youngest freshman, they call plebes, just out of "Beast Barracks".

Army Captain Stephen Anderson spoke to the media after every game win or lose demonstrating leadership even in moments of disappointment.  He described how much it meant to have a medal of honor receipient, USMA grad Paul Bucha, speak to the team before the game and to leave with them the actual medal which the team touched at halftime before going back on to the field. 

At the pre Army Navy Game press conference we met the two Navy Captains Ricky Dobbs and Wyatt Middleton, they both described their plans to become surface warfare officers on Navy ships after graduation.  Impossible not to be fans of these two outstanding young guys and their teammates.

The outcome was a 31-17 win for Navy, but the members of both treams know that their real competition is still ahead of them when together they fight for victories that keep our our country free.




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