SEC Teams in Bowls: Who'll Be on Larry's Losers December Bowl List?

Larry BurtonSenior Writer IDecember 16, 2010

Will the mountain men from Tennessee take home a trophy?
Will the mountain men from Tennessee take home a trophy?

Well folks here's the end of the road for Larry's Losers for this season. As our old dearly departed buddy Leonard Posttosties got us doing, I've been picking the losers since his demise. My partner and sidekick Bacardi the Wonder dog has helped us pull up our accuracy average this season to 85 percent.

Folks, that's the best pigskin predictin' for the losers in print, television or Internet and if Ole Miss and Alabama hadn't fooled us so much this year, we'd have been around an A instead of a very solid B.

So with the bar set high for the bowl season, let's see how things go and here we go in order of the games date.

Part one of Larry's Losers Bowl season is for the lower tier bowls played in December.


December 30th - Tennessee vs North Carolina -

Derek Dooley brings his ragged band of Volunteers to the Music City Bowl just down the road in Nashville, but it ain't the distance or the stature of the bowl that's important to this bunch of coonskin clad footballers, it's overcoming all the odds and expectations to make any bowl at all.

Butch Davis and his NCAA restricted Tar Heels were supposed to be in a much better bowl, but too many players got caught with their hands, feet and face in the old cookie jar. These weren't smart cookies either.

At the start of the year, the Vols were expected to be among the league's worst, and the Tar Heels were supposed to fight for a conference title. My how things change.

And how exactly does a ram sheep become the Tar Heels mascot? Can they not buy a suit of a dirty foot or are they just too proud?

With the Vols ending on a hot streak and the Rams just drifting along, the pooch and I both think you go with the team with the hot hand.

Larry's Loser - North Carolina


December 31st - Georgia vs UCF -

Richt's ruffers head to Memphis and the Liberty Bowl, the other bowl for the SEC also ran teams, with their tails between their legs to play a Central Florida team that should be playing in a better bowl.

These Georgia Bulldogs haven't had much bite this season, and if it weren't for the cupcakes on the schedule, they wouldn't have even made this sorry bowl.

In this game, these Knights will slay these Bulldogs and finally put them out of their misery and leave Georgia fans making even more excuses for "Richt the Great".

The Knights should have gotten a more worthy opponent with their record and this could be the SEC embarrassment.

Larry's Loser - Georgia


December 31st - South Carolina vs Florida State -

South Carolina had their balls deflated in an SEC Championship Game stomping, courtesy of Auburn, and are looking to redeem a little pullet pride as the Gamecocks take on the Seminoles of Florida State in the Chik-fil-A Bowl, the same Atlanta dome that they got plucked just a few weeks ago.

This could be a close game if the chief Seminole slinger gets his arm back in shape, and there could be some serious feathers flying if the whoopin' warpaint crowd gets off to a fast start.

This is a game that the pigskin pooch and I have had a week of tough talks over, and in a split decision and a coin toss we see the Old Ball Coach finding a way to get that 10th win this season and tie a school record.

Larry's Loser - Florida State


Ok sports fans, next is Larry's Losers in the SEC January bowl games. Since those games could be closer ones, we're gonna bake up a whole new batch of smart cookies and digest them before practicin' a pigskin perfection performance.

Till then keep your cleats clean and the snow off your roof.

Darn dog! Are you eating my share of smart cookies? I can't take my eyes off you. You're typing up the next one.