Tennessee Volunteers' Reasons To Be Thankful and a Few Things To Change

John WhiteCorrespondent IIIDecember 16, 2010

Merry Christmas Vols
Merry Christmas Vols

As the year rolls to a fortunate end, I thought now would be a good time to reflect on the things we are thankful for and reflect on the things we would like to change.

Things could have been worse for the Vols, but a bowling we shall go.

1. Thankful: We still have a head coach.

2. Change: Be a school that attracts high-profile professionals; yea, Muschamp, I mean you (expletive).

3. Thankful: We won six games in regular season.

4. Change: We lost six games in regular season.

5. Thankful: None of the assistant coaches have absconded yet.

6. Change: No assistant coaches have absconded to join our ranks.

7. Thankful: We only had a few arrests this year.

8 Change: We had a few arrests this year.

9. Thankful: Coach Dooley didn't punch out Les Miles when he ran him down to shake hands.

10. Change: Coach Dooley should have knocked out the Mad Hatter, and the referee.

11. Thankful: The only blowouts this season came at the heels of the Ducks, the Dawgs and Bama.

12. Change: Remind the SEC we can still be relevant.

13. Thankful: For a team that had countless freshman and very few veteran players, the Vols were relevant.

14. Change: Go after big-time recruits and bring em' home.

15. Thankful: Vols have a decent class already on board.

16. Change: Find an AD that can lead the Tennessee athletic program.

17. Thankful: There is already a fat man that's used to wearing orange and white and can do the job... and he sure as hell ain't Santa.

18. Change: Fans not leaving in the third and fourth quarter when things look grim.

19. Thankful: Vols managed to better three SEC teams this season when predictions were much less.

20. Change: Vols manage to better six SEC teams next season, and the predictions will still be less.


Stay tuned next year when I present the Second Annual Blue Collar Vols Award Recipients.