College Football Recruiting: Will Bubba Starling Ever Play for the Cornhuskers?

Andrew RobesonAnalyst IIDecember 13, 2010

High schools around the nation are gearing up for their baseball seasons.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers have particular interest in the success of one Gardner Edgerton pitcher.

That's because the better season Bubba Starling has, the less likely it is that he will ever come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 

Starling is what every pitching and quarterbacks coach around the nation dreams of.

At 6'5" and 195 pounds, Starling has a build that makes him perfect to be a pitcher and quarterback.

OK, he could stand to gain 30 pounds, but that will come with age and professional training.

As of now, Starling is committed to be a Husker quarterback and pitcher. 

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But his 93 mph fastball might change that, and it likely will.

See, unless the kids down in Kansas start routinely sending his fastball out of the park, Starling will likely find himself as a high-round draft pick in the MLB draft. 

Just three weeks ago, Baseball America ranked Starling the top prep baseball player in the country. (Incredibly, that same week he ran for 396 yards and five touchdowns in a football playoff game.)

Between the signing bonuses and contract a first-round pick normally gets, Starling would be looking at seven figures next to the dollar sign, which would be hard for anyone to turn down, let alone a kid just graduating high school.

Turns out there is another problem too.

Starling can hit. 

Even if by some miracle Starling got absolutely ripped this year, he's still a heck of an outfielder.

In two seasons, Starling has hit over .500 in both to go with 17 home runs and 43 RBI. 

Given all that information, it seems like the odds are stacked in favor of Starling going high in the baseball draft.

The likelihood of Starling ever playing for Nebraska is slim to none.

But that's OK. 

The Huskers should still have Jamal Turner, another four-star quarterback recruit from the same class.

Unfortunately, it would be a huge blow to the Husker baseball team to lose Starling, but baseball teams are used to losing their top recruits to the draft.

Nebraska would be lucky to have Starling, but the 2011 recruiting class isn't hinging on him alone.