Taylor Embree: Is the 0.5 Star Prospect UCLA’s Best Wide Receiver?

AndySenior Analyst ISeptember 4, 2008

Well, based on the Tennessee game, it’s not that much of a stretch.  Embree led all wide receivers with 53 yards along with four receptions.

He also had the longest reception of the night, hauling in a 21-yard-pass. Embree, quite simply, catches everything.

Neuheisel even joked, “Taylor, why not catch everything thrown to you?” after a particularly tough barrage of catches. Embree, a coach's son, was seemingly born to catch footballs.

A recent LA Times article explains how Embree’s father, former UCLA tight end coach Jon Embree, used to fire tennis balls at Embree to help improve his concentration. The really nutty part is how Embree would have to identify the color of a small dot placed on the ball before he caught it.

You know, that really explains a lot.

Embree, of course, was recruited by a multitude of schools. Check out his diverse and voluminous offer sheet:

Wow. It still amazes me, to this day, that Karl Dorrell managed to beat out the competition.

Taylor Embree is one of those recruits that just slips through the cracks…and I’m really confused how. Taylor Embree went to Hart…and Hart is a pretty much a dynasty for that particular CIF section.

Yours truly went to Hart, and Hart won CIF every year I was there. Jerry Owens (a former UCLA WR), Patrick Norton (former UCLA FB), Matt Moore (Former UCLA Starting QB and QB for the Carolina Panthers in the NFL), Kyle Boller (Cal QB and first round pick), and Patrick Larimore (a freshman linebacker on the team) all went to Hart.

How’d they miss this kid?

The following shows just how highly both Scout.com and Rivals.com thought of Taylor Embree:


Taylor Embree


Taylor Embree

So Rivals didn’t even bother giving him any stars, while Scout at least gave the dude 1 star.  That averages out to…0.5 stars.

He might be the best receiver on the team…and he’s a freshman…and he’s a 0.5 star prospect.

Dang. Whenever someone points to a prospect’s star rating as conclusive proof of their ability to play Division I football, feel free to direct them to this page. Or you can just slap them. Yeah, just slap them.

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