Florida and Will Muschamp: Florida and the SEC Wins While Texas Loses, Again

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2010

A Fiery Muschamp Is A Good Remedy For Any Team
A Fiery Muschamp Is A Good Remedy For Any TeamBrian Bahr/Getty Images

Jeremy Foley, the Athletic Director at Florida, said he was full steam ahead and that a hire would be made within two weeks. He delivered on that promise.

Even more so, he delivered a knockout to the UF fans. With this hire, not only has Foley quailed any backlash that was reverberating from the Urban departure, but did it so quickly that there was no time for an uprising against potential candidates.

What about head coaching experience? I think Will has been around enough successful head coaches that he understands the process and the nuances that go with the title. I'm not saying that he will be successful as a head coach, but rather that he has the tools to operate it. Time will tell if he can operate that position.

If you want to poke at his 2010 record, by all means go ahead. It was horrible. The total defense was ranked seventh in the nation after regular season play, eighth in pass defense and a despicable 44th in rush defense, as compared to last year when they were first in the nation.

But that will happen when you lose key defensive players such as Sergio Kindle, Roddrick Muckelroy and Earl Thomas, plus a couple of others. But that wasn't the issue so much as it was losing to teams like UCLA, Baylor, and Iowa State. However, I must mention that Baylor did have a decent offense this year.

Back to the hire, it is good for the SEC because Will is a national name. He has been to two BCSNCs and won one while losing his second to his mentor, Nick Saban, the same Nick he won one with. He was probably the third-most recognized name within the Big 12 behind Stoops and Brown. Which means this loss helps devalue the Big 12 name further past the dismantling of the conference.

It is also good for the SEC because it helps bring more recruiting into the SEC. Though over the past three years Muschamp doesn't have deep-seeded roots in Texas, he still has roots. LSU recruits heavily in Texas, and Alabama has gotten a couple of players as well. Not to mention Arkansas, who used to be a member of the Southwest Conference, who got a couple. Muschamp, not that he needs to because of fertile grounds in Florida, will be able to target some top recruits from Texas.

Texas also loses because now it appears that the old coach-in-waiting carrot is futile for any incoming DC. Thus, any future coordinator will know his place from here on out. They will not be the next HC in waiting. UT's football program was at least grounded in the fact that coaching chaos would not be factor with Will on the sidelines. Now not only do they come off a horrible year, but, they venture into Bobby Bowden land. 

When will coach Brown retire? Who will take over?

Texas is a premier program. They will land a good DC. I don't doubt this. The problem is it appears that they also need a new OC as well.

Texas just lost their eighth game of the season with the loss of Muschamp.