NCAA Football: A Modified Proposal For a 16-Team Playoff; Part 1: The Plan

Gregory KochContributor IDecember 11, 2010

How would Cam Newton do if there were a tournament? Wait and see.
How would Cam Newton do if there were a tournament? Wait and see.Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

People are debating whether NCAA Football should have a playoff or not. It is undoubtedly apparent that they should. The question is what format it should be.

Today, I propose a solution. The rules are as follows:


1. All champions of BCS conferences (Big East, Big 10, Big 12, SEC, Pac-10, ACC) automatically qualify

2. Any conference champion ranked higher than an AQ under Rule One automatically qualifies. This year, Connecticut from the Big East was unranked in BCS, so any ranked conference champion got in. That meant TCU out of the Mountain West, Boise State from the WAC (who was tied head-to-head with Nevada and Hawaii, but won by having the highest BCS ranking) and Central Florida from C-USA.

3. At-large teams will then be selected in order of BCS ranking until there are 16 teams in the field.

4. All teams are seeded according to BCS ranking, however no AQ under Rule One may be seeded lower than eighth.

5. No team may play another team from their conference in the first round. If necessary, the lower seed may be swapped with the team below them. If that fails, they may be swapped with the team above them. If that fails, repeat attempts with the higher seed.

This year, under these rules, the seeds are as follows:

1. Auburn (SEC Champion)

2. Oregon (Pac-10 Champion)

3. TCU (MWC Champion)

4. Stanford (At-large)

5. Wisconsin (Big 10 Champion)

6. Oklahoma (Big 12 Champion) *

7. Virginia Tech (ACC Champion) *

8. Connecticut (Big East Champion) *

9. Ohio State (At large)

10.Arkansas (At-large)

11. Michigan State (at-large)

12. Boise State (WAC Champion)

13. LSU (At-large)

14. Missouri (At-large)

15. Oklahoma State (At-large)

16. Central Florida (C-USA Champion)

*- These schools were moved up because of Rule Four part b (no AQ under Rule One may be seeded lower than eighth)

This sets up the matchups as follows for the first round


#16 Central Florida at #1 Auburn

#9 Ohio State at #8 Connecticut

#13 LSU at #4 Stanford

#12 Boise State at #5 Wisconsin

#11 Michigan State at #6 Oklahoma

#14 Missouri at #3 TCU

#10 Arkansas at #7 Virginia Tech

#15 Oklahoma State at #2 Oregon


These games will be simulated once using the engine on I will simulate the first round of games once the engine uploads the data from the 2010 season. I will adjust the schedule slightly after that so the final is played no later than Saturday, Jan.8. More on that will be announced later, so stay tuned.