Iowa Hawkeye WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Arrested: Way To Throw It All Away

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Iowa Hawkeye WR Derrell Johnson-Koulianos Arrested: Way To Throw It All Away
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It appears that Iowa Hawkeye record-breaking receiver Derrell Johnson-Koulianos has taken a lesson from his team on how to throw it all away when you have it all.

DJK, as he is affectionately known by Iowa fans, was arrested on drug charges, posting $8,000 in bail. 

The evidence is basically not in doubt and Coach Kirk Ferentz has suspended him indefinitely from the team, which means no playing in the Insight Bowl later this month. 

This probably also means no help from his coaches regarding prepping for an NFL combine.

As if Hawkeye fans weren’t depressed enough over this season, this devastating news comes as more evidence of a behind-the-scenes implosion from within a team that had so much promise in 2009, as the 2010 Orange Bowl Champions. 

Not to mention, DJK is one of the most talented senior players on the team. 

Besides this incident, the team was plagued with arrests this summer due to underage drinking and fighting. 

Then there is the incident that caused Brandon Wegher to suddenly leave the team prior to the start of the season due to “personal reasons.”  

All these events, while perhaps not unusual to college football in total, tarnish the team’s image and the University of Iowa’s reputation.

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It had appeared prior to this season that Ferentz had finally turned things around from the legal troubles in 2007 and managed a team of greater character and success, or so we thought in 2009. 

DJK was constantly in the dog house with Ferentz for one reason or another, most recently not chosen to start in the first quarter of the Minnesota game for supposedly not working seriously enough in practice.

While Ferentz can’t be blamed for everything his players do off the field, this bad press is the last thing he needs, right before the holidays, no less. 

We fans are left to wonder what other effects this unfortunate turn of events will have on a team already plagued mentally by losing the will to win. 

Missing DJK’s talent is bad enough. 

Now a team with seemingly missing leadership in November will have to attempt to deal with more embarrassment and disappointment from fans and coaches, as they make their last-ditch attempt to save face on the field in Tempe on ESPN for a national TV audience. 

If all this doesn’t push the limits of testing the team’s character, then nothing will.

DJK, you let us down, man. 

For your sake, I hope you can pick up the pieces from this someday, but first you deserve to be punished for what you’ve done to your team and your coach and also your parents who’ve done so much for you.

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