The Best Moment of The Texas Longhorns Season Just Happened....

Alex FergusonSenior Analyst IIDecember 6, 2010

Expect crowds of burnt orange Texas fans to be crowding the bars and clubs of Austin tonight. Expect some people to be crying a little.

Their turd of a 2010 season has been well and truly polished.

Greg Davis is out of a job.

The VFA isn't the biggest Texas fanalthough we can still talk about a wonderful time in 2008 when we attended that Red River Rivalry with a Texas fan and hugged EVERYBODY as the Longhorns beat OU 45-35 in a game for the ages.

Let us tell youthe guys hated their offensive co-ordinator back then. This was with a team that was one Blake Gideon screw-up from going to the National Championship game. And the season after? They WENT to a freakin' National Championship game (and performed well despite losing Colt McCoy). It didn't matter. The tide of Orange still hated him.

Two years later, Greg Davis has again been blamed for the destruction of Texas football. They haven't gone to a bowl for the first time in eons. They couldn't score points, and they couldn't really beat anybody. Christ, they were so bad that theythe former Big XII South favoritescaused one of the upsets of the season when they went to Nebraska as a major underdog and, er, won.

Who's nextRich Rodriguez?