2010 Heisman Trophy Finalists: Cameron Newton Wins, But Who Else Made It?

Kenneth MContributor IIIDecember 7, 2010

2010 Heisman Trophy Finalists: Cameron Newton Wins, But Who Else Made It?

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    The Heisman Trophy finalists have been announced for 2010. Cameron Newton has proven to be the best player of the year on the field, but off-field issues may take a few votes away. I still believe he is going to be selected as the winner this year, but who else is going to New York, and who got snubbed? 

    Cameron Newton, who played in junior college last year, came on to have one of the best seasons at his or any other position. His season was amazing. The only question left is, will this still be his award when the NCAA investigation is over?

LaMichael James: Oregon

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    LaMichael James led the NCAA in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns. He was also the best player on the high-flying Ducks offense. For those two reasons, James has been invited to New York for the Heisman Trophy ceremony. 

    His numbers are top notch and so are the highlight-reel runs. He was the most exciting running back in college this year, and is the only non-QB on this list. 

    He probably won't win the Heisman, but his team is going to the national championship and he can still win the biggest team award in the sport. 

    1682 Yards Rushing (first)

    22 Total Touchdowns (first)

    6.0 Yards Per Carry

Andrew Luck: Stanford Cardinal

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    Andrew Luck is considered the top prospect for the NFL draft next year, but he was never considered the best player in college football. His game is built for the NFL.

    Luck has led his Stanford Cardinal to a No. 4 ranking in the BCS, and an invite into a BCS bowl game. Stanford had a great run this year with their only loss coming on the road at Oregon, one of the teams ahead of them in the rankings. 

    Despite not having the best stats, or being on the best team, Luck is a great invite because of his leadership and clean image. He is a good kid from a top school, and is exactly what the NCAA needs to promote.

    3,051 Yards 

    28 Touchdowns; 7 Interceptions

    166 Passer Rating

Kellen Moore: Boise State Broncos

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    Kellen Moore was the feel-good story of the year, and almost had a chance at a national championship. Then, late at night on a cold field in Nevada, on a day called Black Friday, the dream season was turned upside down. The Broncos fell to Nevada and lost a spot in a BCS bowl game. 

    At least Moore gets recognized in New York. That is the lone bright spot for Moore.

    He will be back next year, and have one more chance to get both this award, and a national championship, but this dream season will end with a meaningless game in Las Vegas. 

    3,506 Yards Passing (eighth)

    33 Touchdowns (fourth), 6 Interceptions

    185 Passer Rating (second best)

    71 Completion Percentage (third)

Cameron Newton: Auburn Tigers

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    Cameron Newton was hands-down the best player this year, and maybe any year. He had a remarkable season statistically and has led his team into a national championship. 

    He had some eligibility issues, and I do not agree with the NCAA ruling, but I am not the gatekeeper. All that matters is that he is eligible and he will win.

    This juco transfer led the NCAA in quarterback passer rating and total touchdowns scored, not to mention he might have been the best rusher in the country. His season was one of the all-time greats. 

    2,589 Yards Passing

    28 Passing Touchdowns (10th)

    6 Interceptions

    188 Passer Rating (first)

    67 Completion Percentage (11th)

    1,409 Yards Rushing (10th)

    20 Rushing Touchdowns (second)

Snubs: Justin Blackmon, Colin Kaepernick, Denard Robinson, Andy Dalton

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    Justin Blackmon put up numbers similar to LaMichael James, but his team wasn't as successful as James' Ducks, and he didn't have the squeaky-clean image like Andrew Luck. 

    1665 Receiving Yards (second)

    18 Receiving Touchdowns (first)

    103 Receptions (third)

    Denard Robinson started out the season on a very hot streak, but his star cooled down after a handful of losses by Michigan and several games ending short due to injury. No doubt, "Shoelaces" was a great player, and hopefully next year he can remain healthy and get some help from the rest of the boys up in Michigan. 

    1,643 Rushing Yards (third)

    Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick were two great players on lesser-followed teams. They had great years, but didn't get the week-in and week-out press of the other guys from the bigger schools.