College Football: What I Knew and Thought I Knew, December Edition

Jabber HeadSenior Analyst IDecember 6, 2010

What I knew

~ I knew Oklahoma would play Nebraska in the Big 12 CCG and win. Nuff said!

~ I knew Florida would not be very good this season. You cannot lose a player like Tim Tebow and just move forward like he was just another player. Urban Meyer hopefully will never try the “basketball shot” pass again in a live game. Tebow is should that play be gone.

~ I knew Arkansas would be a good team. I thought they had a chance at the SEC title, but I never actually predicted they would win it. I think going to a BCS bowl solidifies my thought about Arkansas.

~ I knew Oregon State was overrated and even predicted they would not make a bowl game. As it turns out, I was dead right about this one!

~ I knew Boise State was overrated! I think I was about the only person that actually did not ever buy the hype of BSu. Turns out they were overrated! Now Kellen Moore retires from college football as the king of the cupcakes and BSu will likely sink back into oblivion. Nice run BSu, but you will not be missed.


What I thought I knew

~ I knew Texas would not be great, but not bowl eligible? WoW!

~ I thought LSU would have at least four losses. I thought they were going to suck. I am ready for a serving of crow now please. This Tiguh squad was just ridiculous. They refused to lose and won a couple they should not have, but at the end of the day, you gotta give credit where credit is due. Congrats on a very nice season LSU. Now go suck an egg Lester Miles!

~ I thought Bama would be playing for a national championship. They turned out to be just an average team this year. They lost a couple they should have won, and they never lived up to their hype. Tough to do, and nothing wrong with having an off year, but with that duo at RB, I thought they would be much better.

~ I thought Ohio State would win the Big Ten and represent them in the BCS. I was wrong about this Buckeye team. They were good, but not great! They lost control of their destiny and let Wisky run away with the bigger piece of the Big Ten pie.

~ I thought Terrelle Pryor would win the Heisman. I know they have not announced it yet, but I think Cam Newton raised himself up and took it. Pryor was average this season and should not even get an invite to NYC. Okay, okay, okay! I was wrong about Pryor! There, I said it.

~ Rich Rod. Could you not have at least fielded a defense that is of a high school caliber? That is all!


In Conclusion

I look forward to the bowl season and hope my Sooners get the Fiesta Bowl trophy! Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season.



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