BCS Championship: What a 2010 National Title Would Mean for the Auburn Tigers

Matthew Donaldson@MattDonaldsonAUCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2010

BCS Championship: What a 2010 National Title Would Mean for the Auburn Tigers

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    Well, it's official. Auburn will be traveling to Glendale, Arizona to take on the undefeated Oregon Ducks. After all the close calls, intense fourth quarters and allegations, Auburn has reached the pinnacle of the sport—the BCS national championship game. 

    Since there are quite a few weeks between now and the big game, there's time to think about what's on the line in this game.

    Here are five things a national championship would mean for Auburn. 

The Auburn Defense Can Stake Its Claim to the Title

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    The Auburn defense has been much maligned this season and with good reason. The Tiger have struggled against the pass and have struggled early in games. 

    But there hasn't been a more clutch defense in the SEC this season. Every time the Tigers have had to have a stop, they've gotten it. A good performance in the title game, one much like they turned in against South Carolina, would validate their role on this undefeated team.

    If Auburn is going to beat Oregon, the defense will be a big reason why. Manufacturing a few stops against the fast-paced Oregon offense will be key. 

Validation for the 2004 Auburn Team

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    Auburn fans haven't really forgiven the BCS for the 2004 football season. Auburn went 13-0 in the SEC and was left out of the title game as Oklahoma and USC also went undefeated and began the season at the top of the polls. 

    Winning this year's championship would help right many of the wrongs still felt by the Auburn faithful. Earning another 13-0 season only six years after the controversy and actually getting to play in the big game has the team on a mission. 

    Gene Chizik and Travis Williams were a part of both the 2004 team and this team. You better believe they will mention 2004 and the unfinished business from that year while motivating the team in the coming weeks. 

Gene Chizik Could Cement His Legacy

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    Gene Chizik, though only two years into his time as an Auburn head coach, has a chance to instantly write his name in Auburn history with a BCS championship win. 

    Shug Jordan got Auburn its 1957 national championship. Pat Dye came close a couple times, possibly deserving one in 1983. Terry Bowden led Auburn to an undefeated record in 1993 while on probation. Tommy Tuberville led a 13-0 squad in 2004 but was unable to play for the title. 

    It's not just about going undefeated this year, but also how quickly Chizik turned things around at Auburn. Granted, Tommy Tuberville left some very talented players for him to work with, but he has built this team into a winning group.

    Winning this game would undoubtedly write Chizik's name into Auburn history. 

Cam Newton Can Leave Auburn a Winner

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    No one can argue that this is probably Cam Newton's last game in an Auburn uniform. Even if he did want to come back, what else will there be to accomplish?

    He will most likely win the Heisman Trophy on Saturday. If he wins the title game, he will have won a national title and an SEC title. 

    Likely a first-round pick in the NFL draft, the smart decision is to move on to play professional football. The BCS championship game provides a chance for Cam to leave Auburn a winner, without a blemish on his record as a starting quarterback. 

Auburn Can Answer the Championships of SEC Rivals Last Decade

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    The last decade in college football was characterized by SEC dominance. The SEC clearly became college football's strongest conference. 

    LSU won a national championships in 2003 and 2007. Florida won titles in 2006 and 2008. Alabama won the championship last year. Auburn, though it went undefeated in 2004, has yet to break through to the national title game. 

    This game is an opportunity to join those elite programs with a national title in this century.

    To you, what is on the line for Auburn? Comment below!