Clemson Football: What Do Tiger Fans Want For Christmas This Holiday Season?

Colby LanhamCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2016

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As the holidays approach, a myriad of football fans get into the holiday spirit through the gifts of hats, jerseys and assorted materials to show their team pride and spirit.

Clemson Tiger fans are a part of this number of fan faithful who stand by their teams through thick and thin, rain or shine. The fans also wonder what they too might receive during the holidays.

Football fans aren't the only ones getting into the holiday spirit. The team coaches are also taking notice in the holidays, and are sure to be making holiday preparations so as to shop accordingly and find the right gifts for their team and the fans.

With the holidays closing in, one wonders this: What do Clemson fans want for Christmas?

The list can be lengthy for some and a bit shorter for others. Last year, fans got their ACC Atlantic Division for Christmas, as well as a Music City Bowl win, along with a tougher, hard nosed defense.

Now, fans wait it out to see what Santa may bring to Clemson.

This year, some fans gave mixed results. One wanted a consistent kicker that makes everything, or at least 70 percent, of his kicks, and makes the easier kicks inside the thirty, and makes the long ones when you ask him to.

Other fan's lists were a bit longer. They wanted a playmaking, deep-threat receiver that could better open up the passing game and consistently catch the football. A deep threat receiver with good hands would've been nice on a roster with mostly possession receivers, with the possible exception of Deandre Hopkins.

Swinney has gone shopping and has picked up some talent in Sammy Watkins, Charone Peake and Martavis Bryant, who should see immediate playing time, and all are listed as possessing great deep threat ability.

Perhaps the biggest gifts on the list were a more dynamic offense and a more consistent, better decision making quarterback.

Kyle Parker truly regressed this year, and while at first it could've been attributed to the receivers, as the receivers gradually improved, Parker did not, and it certainly led to Clemson's downfall, as his play could have gotten wins at Boston College and Florida State.

His bad decision making in flushing out of the pocket, throwing careless interceptions and his apparent reluctance of getting hit even lead to his benching in the N.C. State and South Carolina game.

The offense is truly in question this season. It failed to build off of its strong point, the running game, and tried to become what it was not, a passing team.

Teams simply stacked the box and made the Clemson passing game beat them, and most of the time it worked. The offense had no true identity, and didn't stay committed to the run, especially later in the season.

Play-calling was bland, tendencies were predictable and it had no kind of different looks or any real identity.

As a Clemson fan, you can surely ask this: What do Clemson fans want for Christmas?