Texas Longhorns Football: Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis Resigns

Kris HughesCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2010

Greg Davis
Greg Davis

Multiple sources are reporting that Texas Longhorns offensive coordinator Greg Davis has resigned today. Mack Brown and Davis have coached together since Brown's days with the North Carolina Tar Heels, and the pair have seemed inseparable during good times.

But as college football fans know, 2010 was a highly disappointing season for the Longhorns, demanding substantial and demonstrative changes.

Mack Brown stated from the beginning that the evaluation of the program's strengths and weaknesses would be a careful and slow process. More recently, Brown had explained that it was his determination that the talent on the field was not the issue.

While he never said directly that the coaching staff had underperformed, Brown certainly implied it. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that Davis and the Longhorns have parted ways.

The question now arises of where the Texas program looks to replace Greg Davis. Will Mack Brown look internally first, possibly to fan favorite and former Longhorn QB Major Applewhite? Could Gus Malzahn make the jump to Austin?

Whoever will replace Davis will be a coordinator who mirrors some of the same offensive sensibilities, but with a more creative streak than before. If Davis was criticized about anything this past season, it was his inability to react to changing defensive schemes and utilize the talent in more creative ways to attack these defenses.

Others accused Davis of only being able to succeed when having an outstanding quarterback under center. There is no doubt that Colt McCoy and Vince Young would have made almost any offensive coordinator's calls look ingenious due to their ability to improvise and make plays happen. The same was not true this past season with Garrett Gilbert.

Having seen the game from both a coach's and quarterback's perspective, Major Applewhite could very reasonably be the right fit to take the helm of the Longhorns offense. Applewhite has already served in this role with other major college programs and appears to be the fan and alumni choice.

The possibilities for the new Longhorn coordinator are now open for discussion. Several candidates across the national coaching community will certainly be considered. The new coordinator will undoubtedly face more pressure than they ever have in their professional careers. The past season was a disaster on the offensive side of the ball, and Longhorn fans are demanding improvement and creativity.

Too much talent exists for Texas' failure to continue. Longhorn fans will hope that Greg Davis' resignation is the first step in reversing the team's fortunes for 2011.