College Football Bowl Projections: 5 Likely Destinations for Ohio State

Ross ColemanAnalyst IDecember 2, 2010

College Football Bowl Projections: 5 Likely Destinations for Ohio State

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    With Bowl season just a few short weeks away, there is still a long way to go for the bowl matchups to be set in stone.

    Ohio State is one of the at-large teams that could land in a number of different places.

    Here are five possible destinations for the Buckeyes to land in January.

5. Capital One Bowl

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    Now, the chance that this happens is really as slim as any possibility around.

    For the Buckeyes to drop here, they need Oregon to lose, Auburn to lose and they would need to get jumped inexplicably by Arkansas or Oklahoma, if they make the Big 12 Championship game ugly against Nebraska.

    And by "ugly," I mean in the realm of 70-0.

4. The Rose Bowl

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    For the Buckeyes to get into the Rose Bowl, Wisconsin needs to jump into the BCS title game.

    For that to happen, both Auburn and Oregon would need to lose on Saturday and Wisconsin would need to jump either Stanford or TCU in the BCS rankings.

    Also, an unlikely scenario. But there is a slim chance of it.

3. Fiesta Bowl

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    Now we are starting to get close to the possible Ohio State destinations.

    The Fiesta Bowl pits the winner of the Big 12 against an at-large team.

    However, the Fiesta Bowl also has a lower pick as far as which at-large team to choose.

    If the other BCS bowls chose teams ranked behind the Buckeyes, they could end up dropping here.

2. Orange Bowl

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    This is another place the Buckeyes could end up if they get passed over in the first round of at-large picks.

    The Orange Bowl pits the winner of the ACC against an at-large team.

    If Ohio State does end up here, a matchup against (probably) Virginia Tech would be a very entertaining game.

1. Sugar Bowl

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    This is the lock for Ohio State's destination.

    If Oregon and Auburn win and advance to the BCS Championship, TCU goes to the Rose Bowl against Wisconsin, Stanford will likely go to the Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma or Nebraska and Virginia Tech or Florida State would play against Connecticut or West Virginia in the Orange Bowl.

    That would leave Ohio State to play in the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas, who would be an SEC at-large pick to fill in because Auburn would be in the BCS title game.

    This game is as close to a lock as any BCS game could be at this point.