College Football Bowl Projections: 5 Likely Destinations for Alabama

Ryan RudnanskySenior Writer IDecember 2, 2010

College Football Bowl Projections: 5 Likely Destinations for Alabama

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    Although it can be assumed Alabama will find itself in a bigger bowl game than, say, the Chick-fil-A Bowl, it is not certain in a muddled SEC picture that still has Alabama open to go to several bowls.

    Thus, for all you Alabama and SEC fans, and for those who just like to see how the whole bowl process works (I worry about you folks), here are the Top 5 Likely Destinations for Alabama.

5. Music City Bowl

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    This would be the ultimate disgrace to the Alabama football program.

    But the fact that there were actually Music City bowl scouts attending the Iron Bowl, in which Alabama lost 28-27, shows that anything's possible.

    A decision like this would probably cause massive riots in the streets, with coach Nick Saban leading the charge.

4. Chick-Fil-A Bowl

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    The problem with the BCS is that if you don't win your conference championship, it is really completely up in the air.

    There are logical choices as to who the top teams should be, and who has the greater national standing, but it is still left up to the selections committee.

    Alabama does indeed qualify for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, so, again, anything's possible.

    This selection probably wouldn't cause rioting in the streets though. But receiver Julio Jones would turn into Hulk due to his overwhelming rage.

3. Outback Bowl

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    If the Alabama Crimson Tide are not selected for the Capital One Bowl, the program will likely fall to the Outback Bowl or Cotton Bowl.

    The Outback Bowl and Cotton Bowl have first choice of the remaining SEC schools after the Capital One Bowl selects.

2. Cotton Bowl

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    Similar to the Outback Bowl, the Cotton Bowl would be a likely destination for the Crimson Tide if the team was to fall from the Capital One Bowl's consideration.

    The Cotton Bowl would still be a nice alternative if Alabama was scoffed at by the Capital One Bowl.

1. Capital One Bowl

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    Capital One president-elect Larry Ruffin has noted Alabama is indeed in the running to be a program in the Capital One Bowl after he saw the 28-27 Iron Bowl loss against Auburn.

    This is the highest bowl Alabama can hope to get it in, and given their national prestige, I see it happening.


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    In my mind, Alabama seems destined for the Capital One Bowl, as the program will surely draw a crowd and is still regarded as a top team in the nation, despite its slight fall this year after winning the title last season.