Lebron James Vs. Kyle Brotzman: Who Has Had a Tougher Week?

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 2, 2010

Lebron James Vs. Kyle Brotzman: Who Has Had a Tougher Week?

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    Lebron James vs. Kyle Brotzman

    Normally you would not see such a marquee. What would these two individuals ever have in common?Well this week, they had a lot in common. If there was a weekly fail award, these two would be neck and neck as the winners. 

    LeBron is on an underachieving team heading into the lion's den tomorrow. Kyle Brotzman is just a young kid who now feels like the entire season was lost because of him. The fact that I dropped my Chalupa on the floor earlier today suddenly does not seem so tragic. 

    But really who has had the tougher week? I'll tell you. 

5. LeBron James: Bumping His Coach

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    The first time I saw this, I picked up the towel I keep near me when watching sports. I then waved it above my head shouting "oh, no you didn't."

    "The Bump" came as the Heat were spiraling out of control. LeBron James was going back to the huddle during the Heat's 106-95 defeat by the Mavericks. Immediately the Internet was abuzz of the Heat's star player bumping his coach. 

    This is how far we have fallen people. We must now dissect the minutiae of a bump and run. Either way, it did not look good for the King. 

5. Kyle Brotzman: The Kick

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    Boise State was being pushed to the pinnacle of their limits on Saturday. The Broncos were the best non-BCS team in the country and they were being tested by #19 Nevada. But there was hope. 

    With the game tied at 31, Kyle Brotzman took to the middle of the field to get a chip shot for the win. The 26-yard field goal sailed wide and Brotzman was left to wonder, what just happened there? No worries. Things happen. You will get them next time kiddo. 

4. LeBron James: Record

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    The Heat go into tonight's game against the less than stellar Pistons standing at 10-8. Winning 72 games has come and gone as the pipe dream of the season. Now the Heat and LeBron James will just take staying above .500. 

    The Heat, who boast three All-Star players are two of their last five games. They even have a blowout loss to the Pacers in there. Then we are supposed to believe all is right as they beat the Wizards on Monday. The Wizards are perfectly fine beating themselves thank you very much. 

4. Kyle Brotzman: The Kick II

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    Now this was getting serious. The Broncos had managed to stop the Wolfpack on the initial drive, but now it was their turn in overtime. 

    The offense gave Brotzman nearly the same kick as in the fourth quarter. This time he shanked it. He shanked it hard, and he shanked it good. As soon as that happened you knew. The Broncos were going to lose this one. What seemed destined by fate would be blamed on a kicker. 

    For the overtime kick, skip to 1:22 on the video. 

3. LeBron James: Erik Spoelstra

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    The bumping of Erik Spoelstra lead to the news media catching wind that the Heat players were not happy with their head coach. 

    Heat players including Dwayne Wade came out and said that they just weren't having fun. I know we all shared a moment of silence for that one. LeBron and company are following the script of bad public relations that James started in the off season. 

    There is nothing more annoying to sports fans when a player places blame on someone other than himself. More than that, we don't care if you are having fun. You are being paid to run fast and dunk the ball. I am the one that should be having fun watching you. 

    Memo to the Heat, I am not having fun. 

3. Kyle Brotzman: The Threats

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    No sane college fan worth his Prozac would be complete without the propensity to send death threats to a Boise State kicker. This is exactly what has occurred following the missed field goals by Kyle Brotzman. 

    The poor guy already feels bad enough without having to worry about his mortal being. I have to say if I was a Boise State fan, I would have been livid. But then I would have gone to get a burrito and forgotten all about it. You see people in Boise need an outlet. I guess potatoes just aren't doing it for them anymore. 

    Please someone build something quick in Idaho before Kyle Brotzman gets killed. 

2. LeBron James: Diminished Production

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    On top of all of this is the fact that James just is not playing well. His passes aren't crisp. His defense is shoddy. There is nary any chemistry between him and best buddy Dwayne Wade. Really, what did the Miami Heat pay for?

    James will turn things around. But it is still surprising that he has the lowest three point percentage of his career and every other category is on par with his rookie season. 

    He is supposed to lift the game's of those around him, not get worse himself.

2. Kyle Brotzman: The Last Game

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    This might all be fine if it was Kyle Brotzman's first game, but the guy is a senior. Now he will have to go down in infamy like Ray Finkle in the movie Ace Ventura. 

    Your last visions of college should be proud ones, like mine. My last memories were an empty keg, a half eaten pizza, and a strange odor emanating from the laundry room, you know, happy memories. 

    For Kyle Brotzman, it will be so much more different. In 20 years a passerby by might ask him what his senior year of college was like. Brotzman will have to say, "It was great! I lost the big game and my whole state hated me."

    Why a passerby would ask him such a thing I do not know. This is my story people. 

1. LeBron James: Cleveland Game

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    If the losses and and the lack of production weren't enough, this is the week that LeBron James gets to take his talents back to Cleveland. I would hold my breath on there being a welcoming committee to greet him at the airport. 

    There will be raucous boos and jeers. In the middle of it all will be LeBron James, an Ohio native. His departure from hometown hero to treacherous devil will be illustrated in the reception he receives. 

    The game will come on the heels of a news report that Cavalier owner Dan Gilbert will be sinking hundreds of thousands of dollars into a probe on the Heat's signing of LeBron James. We get it Dan Gilbert, you hate LeBron James. How about spending that money on a player other than Carrot Top to be your center. 

1. Kyle Brotzman: He Is a Kicker

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    Kyle Brotzman lost the big game and he is a kicker. That is the biggest point. The kicker is barely a football player anyway. I have no idea why anyone would choose to do that regularly. You get no accolades and are only noticed when you screw up. That sounds fantastic. 

    Kyle Brotzman was the leading scorer on the Boise State team, did anyone other than Brotzman's mom know that? The devastating game might have been a bit easier for him to swallow had he been a real athlete like a running back or a center. Okay, never mind about the center. 


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    So who had a more difficult week? Are you kidding? 

    It was the guy who kicks free of charge for a nationally recognized collegiate powerhouse. LeBron may have a bad week but he can go home to his mansion and bevy of hot girls. 

    Kyle Brotzman has to finish out the year in Idaho. That last sentence made me cry a little.