BCS Rankings Week 14: 10 Teams Who Aren't As Good As Their Rank

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 1, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 14: 10 Teams Who Aren't As Good As Their Rank

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    BCS Rankings Week 14 is up and I am a little put off by some of the teams in the BCS rankings. There are a few that are just a tad higher than they should be. 

    I am hoping this evens out in the last week of regular season play. As teams get set to make their last argument before bowl season, I am hear to be a naysayer on ten teams that find themselves much higher than they should be. 

    Here are ten teams just not as good as their rank. 

10. #25 Northern Illinois

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    How can a team that has played absolutely nobody all year get two losses and still make it into the coveted top 25. For my money, I would like to see Hawaii grace the BCS rankings, if only for one week. They boast a much better offense and would take down Northern Illinois handily. 

    Sure the Huskies have torn up the conference, but I would like to remind you they play in the very soft Mid-Atlantic. I guess strength of schedule doesn't mean much anymore. 

9. #23 Arizona

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    The Wildcats are another program that have no business being ranked. They have had a tough schedule but two of those losses could have been avoided. I will grant them losses to Stanford and Oregon. But if they want to claim the throne as the third best in the Pac-10, they should have taken care of USC and Oregon State. 

    There are some teams that can make a case of being ranked with four losses, Arizona is not one of them. At least not after the shellacking the were given by Oregon. 

8. #20 Utah

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    Utah has been a thorn in my side all season. They were lauded as one of the best in the land and were only found out to be pretenders when they were trounced by TCU a couple of weeks back. The Utes got fat over horrible teams. 

    I would like to see the better tested Seminoles over the Utes. Utah has two losses in four games. Their wins have been just as unimpressive. They nearly lost to both San Diego State and BYU. Those should have been blowouts for a real #20 team. 

7. #17 Nevada

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    I love the Nevada offense. They are prolific and versatile. The Wolfpack can kill you in the air or with quarterback Colin Kaepernick's legs. But they have no defense.

    This team allowed Eastern Washington to score 24, UNLV to score 26, and Fresno State to score 34 points. I have a subjective view that Texas A&M are much more well rounded than Nevada. Their win over Boise State was impressive. But it lead to a bloated ranking. 

6. #14 Oklahoma State

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    There is no way that Oklahoma State, who lost all of their big games, is better than Virginia Tech. The only reputable opponent that the Cowboys proved effective against was Baylor. And Baylor has long since disappeared from the BCS graces. 

    If the Hokies don't have a shot, then Alabama is surely a better subjective pick. They have a better defense and pose more weapons on offense. I love Justin Blackmon as well, but after him, the Cowboys would be stretched too thin. There are better, deeper teams behind Oklahoma State. 

5. #12 Missouri

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    This one boggles my mind. The BCS computers must be pretty exact on the rest of their information because there is one blaring discrepancy by having Missouri at #12. It puts them just ahead of Nebraska, yes the team that beat them. Pretty handily too. 

    There is no reason these teams should not be flipped. If only to maintain my fragile sanity for the next week. 

4. #10 LSU

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    So after placing Boise State in the top five all season, their one loss drops them below LSU. It came on the same weekend that LSU suffered their second loss. Why place Boise State above the Tigers for the whole season then? 

    Boise State had one slip up in two seasons. They deserve to be placed within the top ten. Their loss came at the hands of a ranked opponent touting a stellar offense. It was a slim victory that had to be taken in overtime. 

    Maybe I am just sad to see the Broncos knocked from the top tier so easily. I will get over it though. 

3. #8 Michigan State

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    Both the Spartans and the Oklahoma Sooners have traveled similar paths to get here. They both suffered an ill-timed loss a few weeks back that they are trying to get back from. 

    The Spartans however have played no real threat since their loss to Iowa. The Sooners who have one more loss than the Spartans have more than made up for it with wins against Baylor and Oklahoma State. My solace comes in the knowledge that the argument will be mot after the huge rivalry game to be played this week between Nebraska and Oklahoma. 

2. #4 Stanford

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    The Cardinal lost to Oregon, which is not that bad of a loss if you consider what the Ducks have done since that game. But my qualm is that Wisconsin has done more since their loss to Michigan State. 

    Stanford had to simply side step Arizona at home. Meanwhile, the Badgers have had to go through the then #1 Ohio State and Iowa who was #15 at the time. More than that, I would like to see how Stanford handles the size and running game of Wisconsin. It would be power over cunning. I'll take Wisconsin and their power. 

1. #1 Auburn

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    So the one a two spot were swapped this week as Oregon beat a #21 team handily and Auburn beat a #11 team by the slimmest of margins. This weekend and the Auburn win in particular showed me that Oregon is a better team. Auburn just happens to have the best player. 

    Without Newton, Auburn does not come back to beat Alabama. But Oregon is a great wealth of talent mixed with a quick paced offense. An injury to their key players do not hurt them as much as it would Auburn. The Ducks are a more well rounded team that deserves to be number one still. 

    But we need not argue. It looks like this will be the title game anyway, at least I hope it is.