Auburn Football: How Do Cam Newton's Tigers Rank with School's Best Teams Ever?

Allen KimSenior Analyst INovember 29, 2010

Auburn Football: How Do Cam Newton’s Tigers Rank with School's Best Teams Ever?

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    Cam Newton is spearheading the 2010 Auburn Tigers on a march toward the National Title game.

    While allegations of receiving improper benefits surround the controversial quarterback, he's playing at a high level and is leading the charge for the Heisman Trophy.

    So, how does this year's Auburn Tigers stack up against the best in history?

10. 1908 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 6-1

    Led by coach Mike Donahue, the 1908 Auburn Tigers were an imposing defensive team.

    Besides a game against LSU, where they gave up 10 points, Auburn held every other opponent scoreless. They outscored opponents 158-10 that season.

9. 1910 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 6-1

    In continuing the trend, yet another Mike Donahue-led team is considered to be one of the best in Auburn history.

    Auburn outscored the opposition 176-9.

    Even though they lost to Texas, Auburn was still considered to be the National Champion by the Loren Maxwell organization.

8. 1913 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 8-0

    The Tigers recorded one of several undefeated seasons in team history in 1913.

    They outscored their opponents 224-13 and completely shut out their first six opponents that year. The team was absolutely dominant on both sides of the ball.

    Auburn was never officially awarded the national title, but they were retroactively awarded the title by a number of computer rating systems.

7. 1914 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 8-0-1

    To call Auburn dominant on defense during the 1914 season would be an understatement.

    The team shut out every single opponent they played and outscored them all by a 193-0 margin.

    Auburn was retroactively awarded the national title by James Howell's computer rating system.

6. 1983 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 11-1

    The 1983 Auburn Tigers are one of the most overlooked teams in College Football history. They were overshadowed by the loud-mouthed Miami Hurricanes.

    Auburn may have recorded one loss that season, but behind the legs of Bo Jackson, they finished the season strong with a Sugar Bowl win over the then eight-ranked Michigan.

5. 2010 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 12-0

    Led by Gene Chizik, the Auburn Tigers are on their way to another undefeated season.

    After a thrilling victory over Alabama in the Iron Bowl, in which they came back from 24 points down, the Tigers have vaulted to the No. 1 ranking in College Football. They're ahead of the Oregon Ducks by a .0002 margin.

    A win over South Carolina in the SEC Championship game will guarantee them a spot in the National Title game—barring sanctions coming down from the Cam Newton fallout.

    Cam Newton is playing at his best, with a Heisman Trophy in his future.

4. 1958 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 9-0-1

    The 1958 Auburn Tigers didn't lose a single game that season, with a tie coming against Georgia Tech.

    Auburn was recognized as the National Championship team by the Montgomery Full Season Championship.

    The team only gave up a total of 55 points that season.

3. 2004 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 13-0

    Headed up by Coach of the Year, Tommy Tuberville, the Tigers went on to an undefeated season.

    The team had Jason Campbell behind center with Carnell Williams and Ronnie Brown in the backfield. They were debatably the most balanced team in college football with Carlos Rogers, Marcus McNeill and Jay Ratliff rounding out the star-studded cast.

    The Tigers were ranked No. 2 in both the AP and Coaches' Poll, but they ended up No. 3 in the BCS rankings. Auburn arguably had a tougher schedule than No. 1 ranked USC and No. 2 ranked Oklahoma, but were unfortunate victims of the BCS rankings.

    Auburn would go on to play in the Sugar Bowl where they defeated Virginia Tech 16-13.

2. 1993 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 11-0

    With Terry Bowden coaching the Tigers, Auburn went undefeated that season. Bowden would be awarded the Paul Bear Bryant award for his efforts.

    While the team was undefeated and clearly the best team in college football, recruiting violations kept them from going to any bowl game.

    To make their case even stronger, they defeated the Florida Gators, who were considered to be the favorites to win the championship.

    Their 11 straight wins that season was the start of a 20-game winning streak.

1. 1957 Auburn Tigers

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    Record: 10-0

    Coached by Ralph "Shug" Jordan, the Auburn Tigers would go undefeated that season. The team gave up a total of 28 points all season long.

    Auburn was a dominant squad led by 11-time All-American wide receiver, Jimmy Phillips.

    Due to recruiting violations, the team was placed on probation and they were unable to compete in a bowl game.

    They were awarded the national title in the AP Poll, but not were not named in the Coaches' Poll.