BCS Rankings Week 14: Who's Overrated and Underrated in Latest BCS Poll?

Bailey Brautigan@BBrautiganFeatured ColumnistNovember 29, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 14: Who's Overrated and Underrated in Latest BCS Poll?

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    This week's BCS rankings have been released, and they definitely look much different from last week.

    Losses by Boise State and LSU shook up the top 10, and more losses from Iowa and North Carolina State brought some newcomers into the standings.

    So who is ranked too high?

    And who deserves to be ranked a little higher?

    Here is a list of the top five overrated and the top five underrated teams in this week's BCS poll.

5. Overrated: Utah (20)

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    I don't understand how Utah is even still in the top 25.

    Yes, the Utes were No. 5 in the standings at one point this season after starting 8-0, but let's keep in mind that the best team that Utah played before losing to TCU was probably Pitt. And they won that by three points in overtime.

    But once the Utes were faced with some real competition, they fell 47-7 to the TCU Horned Frogs.

    And then they went on to lose to the unranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 28-3.

    But they're still here!

5. Underrated: Florida State (21)

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    Yes, the Seminoles lost to the Oklahoma Sooners at the beginning of the season and then lost two in a row to North Carolina State and North Carolina...

    But do they really deserve to be ranked below Utah?

    The 'Noles have won their last three games, and they will compete for the ACC championship. No. 21 is just too low.

4. Overrated: Mississippi State (22) and Arizona (23)

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    How is it possible to have four losses and still be in the top 25?

    The Mississippi State Bulldogs are 1-4 against ranked opponents, and we can no longer consider that 10-7 victory over the Florida Gators a quality win.

    As for the Arizona Wildcats, they are 1-2 against ranked opponents, and that one win was over the now unranked Iowa Hawkeyes. So which Wildcat victory gives them a spot in the top 25?

    Was it the 29-21 win over UCLA?

    I think it was that 10-9 blowout of Cal.

4. Underrated: Nevada (17)

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    I understand that Boise State is not going to fall 20 spots in the rankings after one loss, but how is it fair for a 10-1 WAC team to be ranked No. 11 while an 11-1 WAC team is ranked No. 17?

    Especially when the No. 17 team beat the No. 11 team?

    Boise State is one hell of a football team, and shouldn't the Nevada Wolf Pack be given more than a two-spot bump after defeating one of the best teams in the country?

    Talk about a quality win.

3. Overrated: Oklahoma State (14)

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    I have to admit that I was rooting for the Oklahoma State Cowboys this season. They have been explosive on offense, and I can't really blame them for losing to Nebraska the week after the Huskers suffered their first loss of the season to the Texas Longhorns.

    But I will also admit that the world of college football has underestimated the Oklahoma Sooners after their loss to Missouri.

    This season's "Bedlam" fit in perfectly with all of this weekend's exciting games, but the Sooners proved to be the better team.

    And the Cowboys proved to be...just not that good.

3. Underrated: South Carolina (19)

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    The GameCocks have the same record as the No. 16 Alabama Crimson Tide, and they beat Alabama!

    But they're ranked three spots below them?

    South Carolina stomped a very good Clemson team 29-7, but the GameCocks slipped a spot in the BCS rankings.

    Can someone explain this one to me?

2. Overrated: Michigan State (8)

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    Even though the Spartans share the Big Ten title with the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Wisconsin Badgers, I'm simply not convinced that they are the eighth-best team in the country.

    Yes, they had a great win over the Badgers in Week 5, but I guarantee that if Wisconsin and Michigan State played each other at this point in the season, the results would be much different (We're talking something like what the Badgers did to the Michigan Wolverines).

    Now, Michigan State has a great team, but there are at least three other teams who should be ranked higher.

2. Underrated: Virginia Tech (15)

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    Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    Even though the Hokies got off to a slow start this season, they have rolled through all of their competition on the rest of their schedule.

    Sure, the ACC isn't exactly a football powerhouse conference this season, but the Hokies are 2-1 against ranked opponents with some other quality wins against North Carolina and Georgia Tech.

    Until the Boise State Broncos fell to the Nevada Wolf Pack, their closest game was with Virginia Tech, and the Hokies deserve to at least be ranked higher than Oklahoma State.

1. Overrated: TCU (3)

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    Yes, the TCU Horned Frogs are undefeated.

    And yes, they deserve a spot in the top 10.

    But let's take a look at the ranked opponents the Frogs have played:

    Oregon State and Utah.

    And they're ranked higher than a Stanford team that lost one game to Oregon but shut out an Oregon State team that put up 21 points on TCU?

1. Underrated: Wisconsin (5)

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    Honestly, I think the Wisconsin Badgers could be the best team in the country.

    Say what you want about the level of competition in the Big Ten, but it's more difficult than the Mountain West.

    And when the TCU Horned Frogs were putting up 66 points on New Mexico, the Badgers were putting up 70 points on a much better Northwestern team.

    Yes, Wisconsin lost one game, but it was to a top-10, one-loss Michigan State.

    Again, Oregon State and Utah?

    How are those wins more impressive than Ohio State and Iowa?