BCS Rankings Week 14: Why This Is Worst Season of the BCS Era

Trae ThompsonSenior Analyst INovember 29, 2010

BCS Rankings Week 14: Why This Is Worst Season of the BCS Era

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    Just one week left to go.

    College football's regular season will conclude Saturday night, and then it will be time for bowl season. Debates will continue, and there will likely be more controversy surrounding the BCS National Championship Game.

    Auburn and Oregon certainly have had good seasons, but there aren't many other things to rave about after another year of the BCS era. A playoff? Still missing. Bad conferences? They definitely exist. Great dynasties? Forget about that.

    Those aren't the only negatives. Here are 20 reasons why this has been the worst season of the BCS era.

20. No Mike Leach

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    Whether you follow Texas Tech or not, not having Mike Leach on the sidelines is a tragedy. Besides being one of the great offensive minds in the game, Leach also is the only coach around who will talk about pirates and dispense dating advice.

19. Not Enough Blowups

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    What makes college football extra enjoyable is when coaches explode. Mike Gundy set the standard, but no one's really been able to match it since. Nick Saban came pretty close this year with backup quarterback AJ McCarron, and Navy coach Ken Niumatalolo was furious during the Maryland game.

    That just doesn't seem to be enough, though.

18. No Starpower

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    It's too bad we can't be treated to another year like when the Big 12 had a collection of quarterbacks that included Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, Graham Harrell at Texas Tech, Chase Daniel at Missouri and Colt McCoy leading Texas.

    Everyone benefits in college football when you get that kind of starpower in one conference.

17. No More Dynasties

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    Forget about seeing more dynasties like Florida's Fun-n-Gun, or the Nebraska teams of the late 1990s and Miami teams from the 1980s.

    Programs have improved, and it will be even harder for teams to dominate on a yearly basis.


16. They Lost To Tulsa

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    Sure, they're 7-5 under first-year coach Brian Kelly, but one of Notre Dame's losses was a 28-27 defeat to Tulsa on Oct. 30.

    Notre Dame's glory days are a distant memory, and this is further proof. College football will definitely benefit once Kelly restores the Fightin' Irish to its rightful place.

15. They Won't Defend

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    Even with a loss to South Carolina, Alabama still had a shot to defend its BCS national championship. But those chances ended when LSU beat the Crimson Tide 24-21 on Nov. 6.

    A one-loss Alabama team facing Auburn last Friday would have made for high drama. Imagine how great it would have been if the Crimson Tide were undefeated.

14. Two Words: Big East

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    It wasn't long ago when at least West Virginia was among college football's elite. But now the Mountaineers are one of six bowl-eligible teams in the Big East with two or more conference losses.

    And the likely team to receive an automatic BCS bid? That will be Connecticut, which is 7-4.

13. Not on Centerstage

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    It's a shame Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson is playing for a 7-5 team.

    College football benefits when star players lead powerhouses. See Tim Tebow, Adrian Peterson and Vince Young.

12. Boise State's Big Loss

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    Everyone loves an upset, but Boise State's 34-31 overtime loss to Nevada on Friday also caused problems. For the BCS to truly collapse and lose further credibility it would have been better for Boise State to win and run the table again, giving college football one more top five undefeated team.

11. No Likely Matchup

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    After Ohio State President Gordon Gee came out and said his school's football team doesn't play the "Sisters of the Poor" like TCU and Boise State, the dream was obvious: Pit the Buckeyes against one of the two in an upcoming bowl.

    That likely won't happen, as it appears TCU is headed to the Rose Bowl to face Wisconsin, while Ohio State is predicted to face Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl.

10. Last Year in the Big 12

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    Some may be looking forward to Nebraska going to the Big Ten, but now there won't be a chance to see the Cornhuskers play Oklahoma.

    Losing that rivalry doesn't benefit either school, or college football.

9. No Wow Factor

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    It's great to see Michigan State, Wisconsin, Stanford, TCU and Oklahoma State have success. But do any of those teams have a true wow factor?

    If you weren't a fan of one of those teams, would you still tune in and watch them on a weekly basis?

8. Chaos Averted

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    Cal had the chance with Oregon, Alabama almost took down Auburn and TCU barely escaped against San Diego State.

    Close, dramatic finishes are great, but more upsets would only help in the demise of the BCS.

7. Parity Is Here To Stay

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    There are no longer "haves" and "have nots." The disparity between traditional powerhouses and average programs has shrunk considerably.

    Now there are opportunities for upsets like James Madison beating Virginia Tech, Baylor becoming bowl eligible and Mississippi State can't be overlooked in the SEC.

6. A Total Blowout

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    Is there any drama with this year's Heisman race? It's pretty much been Cam Newton and everyone else.

5. Traditional Powers Are Struggling

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    It would be one thing if one team struggled, but traditional powers like Texas, USC, Miami, Notre Dame, Michigan and Florida State have all had average to awful seasons.

4. The Investigation Continues

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    Until the NCAA rules on the investigation involving Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, the thought of a tainted national championship looms large on the season.

3. Just One Weekend

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    Have you really had great games to talk about on a weekly basis?

    The Virginia Tech-Boise State season opener was incredible, but it wasn't until this weekend when you were really treated to a great collection of games with Boise State-Nevada, Auburn-Alabama and Oklahoma-Oklahoma State.

2. Continued Controversy

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    Yes, it's a good thing that Auburn, Oregon and TCU remain undefeated, but college football won't benefit when one team will be left out and not get a shot at the national title.

1. No Playoff

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    The further we go without a playoff, the further we have to discuss there being no legitimate way of determining a national champion.