Nebraska Cornhuskers Football: 10 Reasons the Huskers Can't Wait for the Big Ten

Andrew Robeson@SportswriterguyAnalyst IINovember 30, 2010

Nebraska Cornhuskers Football: 10 Reasons the Huskers Can't Wait for the Big Ten

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    When the Nebraska Cornhuskers announced their intent to move to the Big Ten, it sent ripples through college football. 

    At first, it was speculated that the Huskers wouldn't move until 2012 to avoid severe penalties from the Big 12 Conference.

    However, the Huskers opted to head to the Big Ten in 2011, and as the 2010 season has progressed it has become painfully obvious that this was the correct decision.

    Here are some reasons why.

10. Academics

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    Let's be honest here, in terms of academics, they are greatly upgraded by going to the Big Ten.

    It will be overlooked, but it will obviously matter to students at the university and their parents.

    Nebraska brings the bragging right of having the most Academic All-Americans in the nation to the Big Ten, including their most recent one in junior safety Austin Cassidy. 

9. The Texas Longhorns Part I

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    Call it a jinx. 

    Call it bad luck.

    But know one thing, the Huskers have found it nearly impossible to beat Texas. 

    The final Big 12 record between the two teams will end with Texas holding the advantage 9-1.

    In those nine losses the Huskers were often favored, but still somehow found ways to allow Texas to win despite having superior talent.

    That includes two Big 12 Championship Game losses, one of which cost the 'Skers a chance at a national championship.

    There will be no more regular-season meetings for the two teams in the foreseeable future, and the Huskers can be thankful for that.

8. Dan Beebe

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    The Huskers stood Dan Beebe up for the big dance, and Beebe, the Big 12 commissioner, has made sure he doesn't forget.

    On Friday, Beebe returned the favor by not travelling to Memorial Stadium to present the Huskers with their Big 12 North Division championship trophy. Never missing a moment to to give the Huskers a parting blow, Beebe mentioned that he did not feel safe around Husker fans.

    Beebe has drawn criticism from Husker Nation for calling out Husker players on hard hits and even suspending defensive end Eric Martin for a hit on a kickoff that didn't draw a penalty during the game.

    When Ben Cotton was groped by a Texas A&M player, Beebe saw no problem with the play. 

    Husker Nation can't wait to put Beebe in their past.

7. New Rivalries

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    There's no doubt that Nebraska will miss playing Oklahoma, but that rivalry was already weakened when the Big 12 separated the two teams in the North and South.

    Missouri had potential to become a good rivalry and Colorado's best days were seemingly behind them.

    Iowa gives Nebraska a geographic rival and a competitive one. 

    Michigan, Penn State and Michigan State should also give the Huskers, at the least, decent games year in and year out.

    One thing is for sure, from the top to bottom, the Huskers' new conference (Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Minnesota) is much better than the Big 12 North.

6. Taylor Martinez vs. Denard Robinson

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    Ever since Taylor Martinez and Denard Robinson stormed onto the scene, the comparisons have been endless.

    The talk has died down since injuries to both players have slowed their seasons, but if both have quick starts to 2011, the talks will be at fever pitch again.

    Not only will 100,000-plus strong at The Big House be anxiously awaiting this matchup, but so will a large television audience. 

5. New Recruiting Areas

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    OK, so this slide makes a major assumption.

    That assumption is that Nebraska can maintain its strength in recruiting in Big 12 regions, as well as move into Big Ten recruiting regions.

    If Nebraska can pull of this feat, they should have one of the best recruiting bases in the country.

    But like I said, this is based off of a major assumption.

4. The Texas Longhorns Part II

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    When it was announced in early November that Texas had signed a TV deal with ESPN without including the Big 12, Nebraska fans laughed.

    This was the Texas they knew. The one that in private had no interest in the Big 12, only themselves.

    So while the teams left in the Big 12 grimaced, Nebraska got satisfaction out of knowing they were right.

    Texas football politics has always been bothersome.

    Even though the former Big Eight practically bailed Texas out by accepting them into their conference, Texas immediately tried to control the conference.

    The Big 12's headquarters are located in Texas, despite it being a geographic inconvenience, and last year the Big 12 voted to give Arlington, Texas, the Big 12 Championship Game for the next couple of years.

    Nebraska will be happy to leave behind the Texas-dominated Big 12.

3. Bo Pelini's Sanity

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    I'm one of those people who believe the Bo Pelini story has been blown way out of proportion.

    Coaches do this all the time in private, in fact Cody Green said he would be more concerned if Pelini didn't yell than if he did, but when the ESPN cameras find you doing it, then it becomes a problem.

    Regardless, Pelini definitely did have a meltdown against Texas A&M.

    This meltdown was undoubtedly due to several things: the frustration of a possible national championship season going down the drain, Taylor Martinez's constant injuries, and of course, the perceived Big 12 bias against Nebraska.

    I'm not saying the bias is real, because success for Nebraska this season is economic success for the Big 12, but fans and players alike have definitely felt there is some.

    Hopefully a new conference, without the concern of potential bias, will ease some of Pelini's tension.

2. Big Ten Network

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    Its not exactly a secret that Big Ten members make millions more yearly than Big 12 members.

    Nebraska won't receive a full share immediately, but after just a few seasons this move will pay off for Nebraska big-time in the bank.

    The Big Ten Network's TV revenue allows them to give them millions of extra dollars to their schools, not to mention exposure, and this was obviously a huge selling point for Nebraska.

1. No More Big 12 Refs

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    OK, this sounds whiny, but even the most unbiased fan has acknowledged there have been more questionable calls go against Nebraska than for them.

    There's three ways to look at this.

    One: The Big 12 refs hate Nebraska for leaving the conference and have allowed this to subconsciously affect how they call their games.

    Two: The Big 12 refs hate Nebraska for leaving the conference and have purposely made calls against them.

    Three: The Big 12 refs are awful and Nebraska is happy to be leaving them behind.

    In all three scenarios, the Big Ten looks awfully welcoming.