Iowa Hawkeye Football Coaches, Should They Stay Or Should They Go!

Andrew 'Martie' CarlsonCorrespondent INovember 28, 2010

Iowa Hawkeye Football Coaches, Should They Stay Or Should They Go!

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    Are fans getting angry, do we need a change?
    Are fans getting angry, do we need a change?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Hawkeyes do not lose to Minnesota.  There is no excuse! 

    In a season with so much hope for big things, the Hawkeyes have clearly underperformed.  A point by point look at coaches that need to stay, and those that may need to go.  How the Hawkeyes might make some changes to improve next year.

Never Say Goodbye!

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    SAFE?David Purdy/Getty Images

    There may not be a more respected and loved coach in Hawkeye football history, and I am including Fry, but some serious issues are beginning to appear.  Will our beloved coach be able to make those hard moves and thrust the Hawkeyes into a national contender?

Ken O'Keefe, On The Hotseat For Predictable Play Calling

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    Time to go!
    Time to go!Scott Halleran/Getty Images

    Ken O'Keefe, Offensive Coordinator. 

    Watching the play of the Hawkeye Offense all season long there is one glaring problem.  Everyone knows what the next play will be by looking at the players and their positioning.  Defenses were taking note and keying on the live runner or receiver.  Case in point, when Coker is in the slot they are running an end around. 

    O'Keefe is on the hot-seat because of the lackluster offensive play.  A serious review should take place here, 12 years with the team is hard to overlook, but if changes need to be made—then make the change.

Norm Parker

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    There is a place for Norm
    There is a place for NormDoug Benc/Getty Images

    Clearly the defense stumbled and faltered in the days of Norms illness. 

    Norm is loved and Hawkeye fans want him involved as much as possible but the team suffered when Norm was away.  A hard choice needs to be made here for the future of the program and the health of Norm.  There should be a position made or existing that Norm can fill at Iowa and a new defensive coordinator should be sought.

Erik Campbell and The Receivers

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    Erik Campbell
    Erik CampbellGregory Shamus/Getty Images

    The most consistent play came from the receivers.  I would have looked for better hands on McNut but they all played better with Campbell in charge.  The play has improved dramatically over the last three years, the time Campbell has been here, and should continue to do so. 

Chris Doyle, It's Over!

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    Chris Doyle
    Chris DoyleJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Strength and conditioning were an issue in all four of the Hawkeye losses.  Fourth quarter Hawkeye play looked tired,sluggish and out of sync.

    A change somewhere needs to be made but Iowa loyalty to a 12 year bond is a strong connection between the program and a coach. Still, Coach Doyle's future as a Hawkeye needs to be questioned.

Lester Erb

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    Coker is better with Erb
    Coker is better with ErbDavid Purdy/Getty Images

    Every excuse for poor running back play could be made for the Hawkeyes this season, but this group overperformed Thanks to Coach Erb and his work as running backs coach.  His future looks bright.

Eric Johnson Coached Moeaki

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    The tight end play is a strength.
    The tight end play is a strength.Marc Serota/Getty Images

    Eric Johnson has proven himself again and again.  Makes real contributions to the program through recruiting and coaching. 

The Rest of The Coaching Staff

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    So very true
    So very trueStreeter Lecka/Getty Images

    A shake up at the top and a fresh start for a few at the bottom of the coaching staff might be what we need.  But no matter what happens with Hawkeye football, it is always "Great to be a Hawkeye!"