The Gators-Skill Or Thrill?

Joy KuykendallCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2008

Well, the Gators beat Hawaii big time (56/10), but whether it will last is the real question. However, this article is about the 2008 Hawaii and Gator teams and what was going on in the grand scheme of things for Hawaii.

First off, Hawaii lost many players, evident by the fact that they have only 9 starters from last years team, including losing their quarterback (who had a nomination for the Heisman), Colt Brennan. They also lost their head coach, June Jones, and are now under the lead of Greg McMackin, who is in his first year of college head coaching. Not to mention the fact that there is a time difference of 6 hours between Florida and Hawaii, so the Warriors were playing football at 6:30 am. Granted, they had been in Florida for at least 2 days to get used to the time change.

Although Florida won, the game could have gone either way, because Hawaii made some really good plays in the first quarter. If Hawaii had stepped up their game in just the very beginning, they may have had more of a chance, because Florida got a lot of penalties for stupid mistakes. Unfortunately, Hawaii did not play their game well and got behind by 8 TD's after the third quarter.

Here are just a few stats from the game:

Florida was up by 28 points at the half

Florida returned half of the interceptions for touchdowns (2/4)

Hawaii turned the ball over 6 times


By no means am I saying that Hawaii is a bad team this year, but right now, they better shape up or they will lose big time. Florida got their momentum up early in the game, and even though Hawaii scored at the end, they couldn't bring the Gators down from cloud nine. The final score says a lot; 56 to 10, Florida Gators.

This poll shows how the Florida Fans rated the Gators for Saturday's Game:

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