Texas A&M: Disappointment or Unreasonable Expectations for 2008-2009?

Scott McDanielCorrespondent IAugust 31, 2008

After anticipating the start of the 2008-2009 college football season with much hype and anticipation, I now dread the next 12 weeks for Texas A&M.   Yet another streak for the Aggies has come to a halt .  The last time A&M lost a home opener at Kyle Field was 20 years ago, to the LSU Tigers 17-3.   We had a President in the White House whose name was also Bush………….Senior.

In front of the second largest crowd (78,691) for a home opener at Kyle Field, the Aggies displayed a very lack-luster effort on both sides of the ball in a 14-18 loss to Arkansas State.  For Arkansas State, this is the Red Wolves first win against a Big XII opponent in the last 15 games.   Now I find myself asking…..how? What the?!   

Mistakes started to mount midway through the second quarter for the Aggies.  Blame could be placed on a number of people(s); Richie Bean for his 2 botched field goals from 25 and 32 yards. 

Joe Kines with his number of formations (3-3-5, 3-4, 4-3) that proved to be ineffective against stopping the Red Wolves rushing attack which happened to accumulate over 250 yards on the ground.  The number of missed tackles was atrocious, which is not a new problem for the Aggies.   

Maybe the blame belongs to the offensive line that allowed Stephen McGee to be sacked 4 times, or their inability to pick up the blitz.

Then there is Stephen McGee’s inability to locate his second and third receivers, which on a number of occasions were open and he could not locate them.   If McGee had any type of pressure in his face he got a case of happy feet and lost his ability to look down field.  The Aggies went scoreless for the last 34:23 of the game.

The one bright spot for A&M had to be running back Mike Goodson with his 24 carries for 124 yards and 2 touchdowns.  But his performance ended with a major blemish with his fumble on a game winning drive with 3 minutes left in the fourth quarter

Maybe all is to blame for this disappointing season opening loss.   With expectations so high in Aggieland combined with our culture of ‘a win now’ mentality, it makes the loss just that much harder.   

Aggie fans have grown accustomed to a winning culture since the mid 80’s which is why this loss is so disappointing.  Recently the Aggies have had disappointing season after disappointing season under Fran, and Aggie supporters are growing impatient and restless wondering when it will be time to break out of the slump they have been in since Slocum left.