Texas A&M Competes With Nebraska for Classiest College Football Fans

Ross BenesContributor IINovember 23, 2010

I find it hard to believe that Nebraska has the best and classiest fans in college football. Nebraska has very devoted and classy fans (hard to argue with that NCAA record of 310 consecutive sellouts),  but I'm just saying that the Huskers may not have the nicest fans in the country like so many Nebraska fans proudly boast of.


Upon entering College Station, Aggie hospitality became eminent. Pedestrians gave me right-a-ways when I necessarily didn't deserve them, people wearing maroon and white whom I did not know smiled and waved at me and people constantly came up to me to ask how far I drove to come to the game. “Wow, 14 hours! That's crazy. Well have a safe ride back.” That was before I even got to campus.


When I finally got to my seat, I was asked by each person sitting around me how far I drove to come here, what my major is in college and if I've ever been to Texas/College Station before. Before the game even started, I think I had conversation with nearly 20 Aggies. They obviously were going out of their way to make Nebraskans comfortable.


During the game, no one in my section wearing maroon booed or even yelled about officiating (although they never had anything to complain about as far as officiating went). When I went to the concession stands, people came up to me to ask if I was being treated with respect at Kyle Field, which was then followed by me being told that A&M was going to miss having us in the conference. It was as if they were on a mission to be overly nice.


I'm not nominating every A&M fan for sainthood. There were some that were obnoxious about officiating favoring them, but there were a small minority. But every team has those types of fans, Nebraska included (hell, let's be honest, I can be one of those fans at times). In fact, the only person whom I talked to that I found annoying was a “longhorn wearing maroon tonight.” I wonder how the hell that works when the school's fight song is all about sawing horns off?


And as far as fans reacting to officiating goes, the majority of the fans sitting by me said that Nebraska got hosed on those two late costly penalties (the no pass interference call and the roughing the passer call). It's nice to know that they too realize that in the end, calls were a major factor in deciding the game.


After the game was decided, people in my section gave me routes to go home and told me to slow down in certain towns because of gung-ho sheriffs. They told me to come down to a game sometime again in College Station, and good luck on the rest of the season. The only thing I could say back to them was beat Texas and good luck in your bowl game.


Even after a loss it's tough to hate the Aggies.


They'll help direct you to your car after you get lost in College Station (it's hard to focus on directions after a ludicrous call like Courtney Osborne's roughing the passer penalty ended up being a major factor in the game), they'll tell you good luck in the Big XII Championship Game (they're more confident about Nebraska beating Colorado than are Nebraskans) and some of them will even shake your hand and hug you while telling you that they are going to miss having you down.


After losing a game to Texas A&M, you feel dissonance every time you try to hate them.


As a Nebraska fan, I wondered if I would be treated this well if I went to Memorial Stadium, and I was from a place like Lubbock, Stillwater or College Station. If I was from Columbia, Boulder or Austin, I know I wouldn't be treated as well as I was this weekend. At the same token, if I was from Austin, I doubt I would have gotten the same hospitality in College Station that I did.


This game reminded me of the classic proverb, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” So with that being said, let's move on to next week where hopefully I will see Aggies kissing every time I flip to the game. “Saw varsity’s horns off...saw varsity's horns off...saw varsity's horns off...”