Oklahoma-Oklahoma State: College Football Road Wins Are Particularly Sweet

Luke McConnellCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

Oklahoma fans were out in force in Waco as the Sooners defeated the Baylor Bears.
Oklahoma fans were out in force in Waco as the Sooners defeated the Baylor Bears.

Everyone loves football games at home.  It just seems right, being surrounded by 80,000 people all cheering for the same thing as you.  Celebrations are the best because you don't care if you know the person beside you—you're high-fiving everyone anyway.

I've come to realize though, that even sweeter than home wins, are road wins.

There is just something different and extraordinarily exciting about going into an opponent's stadium and walking out with a win, especially if it's an extremely hostile environment.  

I've been to several road games in my time as a student at OU and I've immensely enjoyed every one of them even though they haven't all been wins.  

I've been to Baylor twice, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Cowboys Stadium and the Cotton Bowl twice.  I will be in Stillwater on Saturday for Bedlam and if the Sooners come out of there with a win, it will be the best road win I've experienced to date.  Currently, my record sits at 4-3 in games away from Norman. 

When you go on the road, you're automatically closer to the fans around you because you're in the minority.  Except of course at Baylor, where it's pretty close to 50-50, no matter how good the Bears are.  

Being closer to the fans around you develops a strong unity amongst the contingent.   Typically, there is more participation in cheers and other chants that normally only the student section would participate in.  

One of the best parts about going on the road is seeing the traditions of the host school, whether it be the cheers, the band or the pregame entrance.  It's just fun to see how everyone else does it!  

Of course, the best part about taking road trips to games is the wins.  When the majority of the stadium goes home disappointed but you and the few hundred or thousand fans of the opposition that made the trip go home excited, it's a good day and it makes the trip well worth it.

Saturday will be my first pilgrimage to Stillwater, Oklahoma for Bedlam.  Rest assured, it's going to be an extremely hostile environment, but that's how it goes with rivalries.

A win will be one of the greatest wins I will have the pleasure of witnessing live.  A loss, while disappointing, will still be an amazing experience and one that I'll continue to pursue again and again.