Top 10 Things BYU and Utah Won't Miss About the Mountain West Conference

Ryan TeeplesCorrespondent INovember 23, 2010

Neither BYU nor Utah will miss the fans from ABQ
Neither BYU nor Utah will miss the fans from ABQBrian Bahr/Getty Images

During rivalry week, fans can be nasty, mean and completely unreasonable. And that's just the Utah fans! But though there is a game to divide them, Utah and BYU have much in common as they enter the last rivalry game in the ol' Mountain West Conference. 

So in the interest of celebrating our collective exit from the MWC, I offer some lighter fare in the form of this top 10 things that won't be missed about the Mountain West Conference.


10. Playing UNLV in the Thomas & Mack in the MWC tourney.

9. The unnaturally sweaty forehead of Marius Payton during The mtn. pre-game.

8. Playing to empty football stadiums in Albuquerque, Las Vegas, San Diego and Fort Collins.

7. Low-def basketball TV that makes the games look like that old computer game “Double Dribble.”

6. That annoying announcer from The mtn. (insert your favorite).

5. That insane, tatted-up, white-trash New Mexico basketball fan.

4. All other New Mexico basketball fans.

3. Air Force’s all-male cheerleading squad.

2. Watching your strength of schedule drop from No. 6 to No. 90 after playing CSU, UNM, WYO and UNLV.

1. One word: Laramie!


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