Brown Blasts Muschamp: Is Fix in to Fire Defensive Ace? What's Up in Austin?

Paul WomancatcherCorrespondent INovember 20, 2010



The University of Texas Longhorns today hosted Coach Howard Schnellenberger's Florida Atlantic Owls at Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium in Austin.

The Owls, a well-coached football team that prevailed over opponents in the three-ball games preceding today's contest, took the field with confidence.

Having lost four consecutive ball games—and presiding over the most horrific losses in at least 14 years, head coach Mack Brown and his staff were clearly desperate to put a "W" on the board. Little confidence was in evidence—the Horns were tentative as they took the field on a cloudy, humid fall day in Central Texas. The Longhorns and their coaches, armed with the sure and certain knowledge that fans are outraged by lackluster performances did, however, have a determined look in their eyes. They meant to win the ballgame.


Determined or no, there was no sense of entitlement or hint of excessive confidence in evidence today. Schnellenberger's boys sent a message, loud and clear, that they came to play as the Horns endured the humiliation of a goal-line stand disaster.  But, the Horns battled on and were rewarded with points.

The Horns put two TD's and a field goal on the board, including a stunning—and incredibly lucky—47-yard TD toss into the end zone to make the score 24-7 at the half. This followed an impressive 63-yard pass to James Kirkendoll earlier in the game.

Taking the field, Texas played the two best quarters of football that Orangebloods have witnessed since last year.

At the end of the first half of play the score was 24-7 in favor of Texas. I was pleased. I was truly happy for Garrett Gilbert—a blind hog who finally, finally, finally  finally found an acorn, so to speak. The young man desperately needs to find a little success on the field.


As pleased as I was with the Horns play, the joy that accompanied the good things that happened on during the first half was short lived indeed.  Interviewed by Fox Sports Plus announcers coming off the field for the half, Mack Brown shocked this writer—and perhaps others as well—by the announcement that he was "disappointed" with the defense."

Disappointed with the defense, eh?

Hmm. While there can be no doubt that the Texas offensive squad played better than they have in a long time, Brown's cheap shot at the Texas defense and "Head Coach in Waiting" Will Muschamp was shocking and unforgivable.


No, it was much worse than shocking and unforgivable—it was a stinking, low class, shot by a poor coach and arrogant ass who doesn't add up to a popcorn #*$@ alongside Will Muschamp.

A cheap, bush league shot by a man under whom Texas has lost more consecutive football games, than any coach since the days before Darrell Royal.

A cheap shot by a man who just didn't want to acknowledge the fact that the Texas defense had given up a total of seven points against a tough, and determined Florida Atlantic Squad.  This is "disappointing?" No, five interceptions is disappointing!  Considered in the greater context of the season as a whole, seven points allowed in two quarters of play against a very well-coached team  is pretty doggoned good.

We are talking here about a defense led by a truly great college football player—Sam Acho— who played as if his head were on fire. Adding further value to the stock of his family, brother Emmanuel picked a Van Kamp pass at the Texas 43 and and returned it 57 yds. for a touchdown. That TD was made possible by a key block thrown by brother Sam.  A defense that blocked kicks and stood tough in the turnover category. A defense that has spent a virtual eternity on the field all season because the offense—until today—exhibited no ability, no tenacity, no guts.

No, Mack, it was a shameful, cheap shot!  Moreover, it constitutes yet another firing offense! 

As I write this article, Sam Acho—in the fourth quarter—has struck yet another blow for the Horns. He just recovered a fumble, giving Texas the ball with great field position! "...yeah, that Muschamp... its all his fault!"  Right.

Whatever the outcome of this contest, the facts are clear: The Texas defense has not been the problem behind the Horns meltdown.  The problem would be, uhh...MACK BROWN!  That he now seeks to assassinate Muschamp makes me ill.  Really—what a grotesque lie!


Gilbert's stats will look reasonably good and Texas will snap a four-game losing streak. But Horns fans must not forget that their QB isn't playing a big-time opponent.  A good team?  Certainly.  A great team?  Not just yet.

The "W" will be against a team that most folks call a "Creampuff." This is a most unfair characterization of the Owls. Coach Schnellenberger is a fine football coach—superb! But they recruit in one of the toughest markets in the known universe. They do not have a truckload of 3-4-5-star blue chippers on their squad.

In other years, the game would be called a "gimme," but they are absolutely not the worst team in the NCAA and constitute a good opponent for Texas given that Texas isn't very good this season.  I think they beat Texas one game out of three.  


If we take anything away from this win, here it is: Brown, Davis and Gilbert (probably Macwhorter too) must be fired if Texas is to progress beyond beating outfits like Fla. Atlantic.

It will be a short week until the Horns face TAMU. The Aggies are—as always— a proud, tough, football team. I predict that Texas will fall to the Aggies absent significant changes in the offensive game plan and personnel at RB and QB.

The most salutary outcome involves the discharge of Greg Davis at a minimum. Firing Mack Brown and other assistants would be a huge plus. Don't be fooled by Mack's cunning scheme to get rid of a truly great coach—Will Muschamp! 


Muschamp is the future of the Longhorns!

He is a fine coach who will lead the Horns to conference and national titles.  Anyone heard of competing teams knocking themselves out to lure Brown or Davis away from UT?  Ahh...nope!  

Not true where Muschamp is concerned.  Programs all over the nation would kill one another to get him. In the person of Will Muschamp lies Texas' future National Championship!  Horns fans should not forget it! Moreover, Brown is absolutely not above lying and working all the angles to ditch his DC for another who's more docile and obsequious.


As I bring this long article to a conclusion,  I note that Brown has allowed Case McCoy into the ballgame with less than five minutes to play.  He was not permitted one single pass in the first series. Not one! Brown blows his redshirt status for what?  For what?  Absolutely nothing.  Look for McCoy to transfer—there will be plenty of takers.

Can Brown expect us to believe that this is actually a reasonable test of Case McCoy—a standout and star at Graham, TX HS?  Sure, he handed the ball off until the Horns put 50 points on the board, but handing the ball off hardly gives us a clear picture of what he and/or Connor Wood might be able to do.

A Waste.  A Shame.  A Travesty. A firing offense if I ever saw one! 



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