Michigan State Football: Hop On the Rich Rodriguez Bandwagon, Time is Wasting!

Ryan C. ZerfasContributor IIINovember 20, 2010

A Sergio Leone style photo proves that Rich Rod and Stephen Baldwin are pretty much the same person
A Sergio Leone style photo proves that Rich Rod and Stephen Baldwin are pretty much the same personPaul Hawthorne/Getty Images

With all the success the Michigan State football program has had as of late, it’s easy to overlook a major factor to this success, because he’s not a Spartan—Rich Rodriguez.

Rich Rod, who has a 0-3 record against Michigan State, 15-19 overall and 6-16 in the Big 10, puts Spartan fans in a precarious position. Do we really have to root for Michigan?

Spartan fans need to embrace this era of Michigan football and hope it carries on as long as possible. So, yes Virginia, we are rooting for the skunkbears the next two weekends.

There are two teams in the Big 10 currently ahead of Michigan State in the standings (Wisconsin and Ohio State), and Michigan plays both of them to close their season. If Michigan can knock those teams down in the standings and MSU can close out their season successfully—they’re going to the Rose Bowl!

Furthermore, this man is the gift that keeps giving. He should be listed as a donor, because in many ways, he is.

The first thing Rich Rod did when he took the job at Michigan was surrender the upper hand in local recruiting. Not only with his style of football with the spread option and much maligned 3-3-5 defense (that nobody in the Midwest plays), but he gave walking papers to all the staff who built such a long storied relationships with the local high schools. Whoops!

Michigan State has now enjoyed some of the best recruiting years in modern history. The local recruits are going green! This is of course factoring that Rivals.com doesn’t have the recruiting star information for the powerhouse Spartan teams of the 50’s and 60’s. The song remains the same.

The Spartans are enjoying prosperous times on the recruiting trail and can tip their hat to Rich Rod for that. You should too. 

Michigan fans are still arrogant enough to make claims such as “if we had a defense, we’d be a top 10 team…” Right. It’s that easy? Man, if you only thought to just go pick up a defense? Do they sell that at Wal-mart, where 90 percent your fans get their gear?

The defense is a multi-year project that is going to take recruiting, hard work, and the firing of Greg Robinson. That guy wasn’t even good at Syracuse? The latest in the rumor mill was he was fired and replaced with Gary Moeller. That actually scared me, because that move would make a great deal of logical sense.

Thankfully, Rich Rod stepped to the microphone and defended his staff, assuring fans that their project is heading in the right direction. Phew!

The best part of about Rich Rod is what isn’t listed in the stats, and it’s safe to say it’s been nice not hearing any positive stats coming from Michigan fans over the last few years. Well, after October anyway.

But, what’s not listed in the numbers is the guy is just a dick. He acts so pompous, yet seems like such a philistine. He really reminds me of the character played by Stephen Baldwin (or any Stephen Baldwin character for that matter) on the Squid & the Whale. Why aren’t Michigan fans more embarrassed by his tenure?

Say what you will about John L. Smith, but I think he’d be a lot of fun to have a beer with. And you could tell he was a good guy TRYING to do the right thing. Hiking treacherous mountains, screaming at Musburger, slapping Stanton and himself. Good times.  He was just over his head.

Rich Rod doesn’t give me that vibe at all. He seems pretty indifferent about losing, breaking rules, embarrassing himself and the fan base over and over again. He doesn’t seem to have made any bonds with other Big 10 coaches? They all seem to hate him, except for the fact that unless they themselves suck—it’s an easy victory.

When he gets his severance package, he’ll move on like a guy after a one night stand. Pick up his belongings and stumble the hell out of dodge, never looking back.

If Tom Izzo took that job in Cleveland, one would know he would lose sleep and gray over the matter every day. It’s nice having coaches in Dantonio and Izzo, who other fan bases, have no choice but to respect, even if they hate the team. That feels good. It makes you proud of your school. You can wear the colors with pride.

Michigan arrogantly branded themselves as “big brother” and their legion of fans constantly try to remind “little brother” of their superiority, but it’s quite clear these days there is nothing to say. Rich Rod has brought crickets to Ann Arbor more than any agricultural powerhouse ever could.

Needless to say, this has been an enjoyable era for Spartan fans. Hearing Michigan fans get all excited and start hyping their team and Denard Robinson, only to realize the chain would pull their neck back when they play teams with real defenses…GLORIOUS!

Let the good times roll. And let me for the first time in my life say the words you’ll never hear me say, unless by some miracle of God we get another year of Dick Rod.

Go Wolverines!