Commander's Call: Cam Newton The Best CFB Player Ever Will Be Cleared By NCAA

Alabama VoodooCorrespondent INovember 17, 2010

Commander's Call: Cam Newton The Best CFB Player Ever Will Be Cleared By NCAA

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    The Heisman pose starts here as QB Cam Newton clowns around with the "Big Nasties!"Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

    (Alabama Voodoo, Syndicated Writer)

    For the first instalment of Commander's Call in three weeks it was imperative that my column center around the most intriguing and defining season in the history of NCAA football.   Never before has one players first full season performance been mired in so much controversy and total domination as the 2010 season of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton.

    With three games left in Cam Newton's career it's arguably going down as the greatest single season performance in the history of college football by an individual, to include the 1980 breakout of Herschel Walker and Geogria's last National Championship. 

    Cam Newton has stormed college football with power, finesse, a gallery of amazing plays, leadership and boundless charisma.

    The will to win in the face of adversity is in itself a testament to his greatness.  

A Clip: An Unknown Man Confronts Thayer Evans (Explains Sources Are a Joke)

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    This Movie Clip breaks down the entire Mississippi Redneck plot to ruin Cam Newton because of Mississippi State's head Coach and his pay for play boosters.  

The Pinnacle Of Dual Threat QB Is The 2000/1000 Season

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    Mike Vick in 2000 Sugar Bowl loss to Florida State National Championship

    Cam Newton is the first player in the history of the Southeastern Conference to pass for over 2000 yards and rush for over 1000 yards in the same season. 

    In the history of NCAA Division I football, he is the sixth player to accomplish the feat. 

    Most notable missing from the club is any of the three amazing seasons of former Florida starting quarterback TIm Tebow and former Virgina Tech superstar Mike Vick. 



Six Players Players In The NCAA Record Books Having 2000/1000 In a Season

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    Woodrow Dantzler seen in 2000 was the first member of the 2000/1000 ClubCraig Jones/Getty Images

    Cam Newton, Auburn 2010* (2,038 passing, 1,297 rushing)

    Woodrow Dantzler, Clemson, 2001 (2,360 passing, 1,004 rushing)

    Brad Smith, Missouri, 2002 (2,333 passing,1,029 rushing) (only freshman to accomplish the feat) 2005 (2,304 passing, 1,301 rushing)

    Vince Young, Texas, 2005 (3,036 passing, 1,050 rushing)

    Dan LeFevour, Central Mich.2007 (3,652 passing,1,122 rushing)

    Colin Kaepenick, Nevada, 2008 (1,130 rushing, 2,849 passing) 2009 (2,052 passing, 1,183 rushing) 2010*(2,161 passing, 946 rushing)  An amazing feat as he will be the first player to ever accomplish the feat for three seasons.

    * Annotates stats not complete 2010 season on going.

Tim Tebow

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    Tim Tebow in his final college game against Cincinnati was an amazing college football playerKevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Although never a member of the 2000/1000 club it was his flamboyant leadership and endearing personality that solidifies Tim in the Best of all time Conversation.  With 2 National Championships to his name and one of those as the starter, 2008. 

    The encore season to his 2007 Heisman Trophy year he finished third in the voting but led the Gators to a 12-1 record and the National Championship over the 2008 recipient quarterback Sam Bradford and the Oklahoma Sooners 24-14 with a dominating second half performance.


Vince Young

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    Vince Young being honored in August of 2008.Brian Bahr/Getty Images

    The 2005 Texas Longhorns were led by Vince Young to the promised land during his greatest single season. 

    In probably the greatest BCS Championship game Vince Young dominated the USC Trojans and Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush in the 2005 Rose Bowl, 38-37.

The Two Greatest Season's Of Dual Threat Quarterbacks Compared to Newton's 2010

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    Will he be considered the GOAT (Greatest of All Time)?Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

    A Quarterback comparison of National Championship proportions.  The magical seasons of Tim Tebow and Vince Young against the promising chance that Cam Newton will produced a National Championship and his stats through 2010 season.

    Tim TebowFlorida200814 (13-1)172.429819264.42747304673176123rd
    VinceYoung   Texas200513 (13-0)163.932521265.230362610105015512Snub
    Cam NewtonAuburn201011*(11-0)183.58198 13568.22008216129720617?

    The projected numbers for Cam Newton through 14 games in 2010 would put him at approximately 2500 passing with 27 TD and 1750 rushing with 24 TD and 2 receptions 42 yards with 1 TD total 52 TD's. 

    Cam Newton projects to have 4292 Total yards over Vince Youngs' 4086 total yards in 2005 and Tim Tebow's 3420 total yards in 2008.  Winner Newton.

    Cam Newton Projects a total of 52 TD's tying him with Tebow's 52 TD's in 2008 and 16 more TD's than Vince Young in 2005.  Winner Newton and Tebow

    Passer rating projected at 183.58.  Winner Newton

    Yards rushing, rushing TD's:  Winner Newton

    Passing TD's:  Winner Tebow

    Passing Yards:  Winner Young

Upcoming Games Facing Cam Newton and The Auburn Tigers To Achieve Good To Great

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    2009 Heisman Trophy Winner would love to end The Cameron Newton Express on 26 Nov 2010.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

    Now it's a long way to get to Tempe with three extraordinarily hard games lined up for the Auburn Tigers as they prepare to Battle with arch rival The Alabama Crimson Tide in Tuscaloosa 26th of November 2010 as well as a rematch with South Carolina in the Georgia Dome at the SEC Championship game. 

    Auburn is facing a two year losing streak against the Crimson Tide and the game is in the newly renovated Bryant Denny Stadium where Auburn last suffered a 36-0 beat down at the hands of the Tide.  Lay it all on the line and this game appears to be a "classic" Iron Bowl unlike before.

    The stakes are non the less lightened for the SEC Championship Game as the Gamecocks would love nothing more than to ruin the Tigers Magical Season.  The USC football team is balanced across the board and is paced by freshman sensation running back Marcus Lattimore.

    Only time will tell who will be in the BCS Title game but look for an undefeated Auburn team to deliver the dream to everyone in the Auburn family against any opponent they face.




Auburn Wins 2010 BCS Championship and Ends Season 14-0 Cam Newton = GOAT

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    Cam Newton celebrates one of his 4 first half TD's against KYAndy Lyons/Getty Images

    That's right as the title displays "2010 BCS Champions" coupled with what should be an already wrapped up Heisman trophy no single player in the history of the game would have meant as much to his team and dominated the competition quite like the Man of Steel, Cameron Newton.

    From his electric smile, fan and teammate appreciation this leader has made Jordan Hare his safe haven and location for his stunning performances. 

    Whether or not Cam Newton goes pro after this season and and even though he has only played eleven games this season he has been an absolute joy to the fans of Auburn and should be seen by all of college football as one of it's Greatest performers of all time up to this point in his career. Period.



Cam Newton Will Be Cleared By The NCAA and Ruled Eligible For 2010

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    Cam Newton is adored by the Auburn Nation and the fans who have witnessed Greatness during adversity!Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

    That is why Cam Newton has remained in the Game because he means so much to the sport of Football.  To a certain extent it would be easy to argue that a lot of current information is either false or true but the innuendo laced reporting is outlandish and hurtful to a young man who keeps smiling and crushing his opponents with ease.

    It is hard for people to admit they are a witness to a "Once In a Generation Talent" but for that same reason is why the NCAA will back up, let him play and suggest he announce his eligibility for the 2011 NFL Draft.  To which he will go as the number One over all draft pick.

    Cam Newton has three more games to be remembered as the GOAT (Greatest of all Time)!

    Is Cam Newton the Greatest of All Time?  Who is better and who has dominated quite like him?