Year Of The Upset, Baylor To Shock Nation? 2008 Big 12 Predictions.

Patrick ParsonsAnalyst IAugust 28, 2008

  1. Texas Tech- 11-1 (7-1)- Texas Tech is being picked by many to finish 9-3, and behind Oklahoma & Texas. Granted, three tough games: @ OU, @ Kansas, and Vs. Texas may be trouble, but I see them finally getting over the hump and beating UT and OU in the same season. The pass-and-catch combo of Harrell/Crabtree will be too much for the rest of the Big 12, and the so-called 'improved' defense will be just enough to get them by the teams that can put up points on them. Harrell's arm may be ready to fall off by the end of the season, but a BCS bowl will ease his pain. This is Tech's one year to truly contend, and look for them to live up to their billing for once. Beware- The final game of the season Vs. Baylor... I can see the choke already somehow.
  2. Oklahoma- 11-1 (7-1)- Oklahoma will be 10-0 by the time the Red Raiders roll into town, and well on their way to another Big 12 Championship game appearance, but looking ahead gets them and trouble, and they fall to the lovable Raiders, putting them into a 7-1 conference tie, with Tech having the tie-breaker, and set to face undefeated Mizzou. Bradford makes strides towards legendary status, but at least this saves coach Bobbert Stoops from another BCS letdown.
  3. Texas- 9-3 (5-3)- Texas is "rebuilding", which is just an alibi for the fans in case they don't win 10 games. McCoy has to step up, and losing to both South contenders (OU & Texas Tech) in the same season isn't going to help his plan to seduce the fans into falling in love with him. They lack the playmakers on offense to take over games, and that will hurt them come conference play. Brian Orakpo may bench 500+ pounds, but unless he can carry this team on his back, UT will have to settle for a 3rd place South finish in 2008.
  4. OK St.- 7-5 (3-5)- Zac Robinson can pass, run and make plays... It just won't be good enough to compare to the likes of Bradford, Daniel & Harrell. Look for Mike Gundy to re-neg on his previous statement that he is a grown man, and invite Bob Stoops over for a slumber party, Oklahoma style, fully stocked with popcorn, scary stories, and all the late night Suite Life of Zach & Cody anyone could ever want.
  5. Texas A&M- 7-5 (3-5)- There wasn't much Mike Sherman could do. The schedule just didn't make it possible to do much better than this, he will have to wait until 2009 to wow the world. Meanwhile, Aggie-faithful call for his head, claiming they were expecting an undefeated season, and make an even bigger fuss when they fall to UT on Thanksgiving. Tragedy strikes when Fat-Back (FB) J. Lane loses vision in his right eye mid season after squirting twinkie-cream into it in a tragic halftime binge-eating accident.
  6. Baylor- 1-11 (0-8)- Hey, at least they tried. Art Briles has the ability to make this work, but Baylor may not have the talent to challenge anyone in the big 12 anytime soon. Here's an idea; cryogenically freeze Art Briles until the year 2045, at which time, Baylor may have a few 4-star recruits. Hey, at least they have a better OOC schedule than TTU.
  1. Missouri- 12-0 (8-0)- No Oklahoma on the schedule, and another season to Mature for Daniel & Maclin means an undefeated Mizzou in the regular season. Coming out onto the food for the first game of the season, it looks as if Daniel has been bulking up, but what did you expect, boogers ARE full of protein. Maclin is taken off of kick return duty after a scary moment during a game against Iowa St.
  2. Kansas- 9-3 (5-3)- Not as cinderella as last season, but still able to hold their ground in the Big 12 North. Losses at Mizzou, OU & UT are forgotten as they have a quality win against BCS bowling Texas Tech team. Todd Reesing shows that he is a smart QB, limiting his turnovers, and keeping his team in the game. Mark Mangino sets up dining room table on sideline, treating himself to congratulatory snack after every touchdown. Runs into trouble later in the season, as his cholesterol balloons, and actually ends the season higher than Reesing's passing yard total.
  3. Kansas St- 7-5 (3-5)- The middle of the Big 12 teams are all nearly the same, OSU & KSU matching up nearly identically. Freeman proves he has learned how to use the tools he possesses, but in a league where he is the #5-7 QB, he is still middle of the pack.
  4. Nebraska- 6-6 (3-5)- Joe Ganz somehow throws 100 touchdowns, AND 100 interceptions. The world is shocked, and he goes down in history. Move over Eric Crouch, there is a new QB legend in the land of... Is there anything actually in Nebraska?
  5. Colorado- 6-6 (3-5)- Another learning year for young QB Cody Hawkins, he will limit his interceptions and do a better job of staying under control. But will grow tired of his dad tucking him into bed every night and reading him "The Little Engine That Could, Just Not In The Big 12" every night.
  6. Iowa St. 4-8 (1-7)- Hey, at least they are smarter than everybody else in the conference. Headline reads- "Iowa St. student arrested after trying to spontaneously combust Jeremy Maclin during kick return..."

Big 12 Championship- Texas Tech Vs. Missouri

Big 12 Most Valuable Player- Chase Daniel. With the spotlight on him to perform as well as he did last season, Daniel does not disappoint. Opening the season with a strong game against Illinois, and ending the season the same way against Kansas to keep them undefeated. Missouri will need to win the Big 12 championship for him to be seriously considered a favorite to win the Heisman, but regardless, he should be in New York for the ceremony.

Bold Prediction- The Big 12 will send two (2) players to New York for the Heisman ceremony, Bradford, Daniel, Harrell & Crabtree all will have the seasons to warrant it.

Games to watch- Week 1- Missouri Vs. Illinois. Week 7- Texas @ Oklahoma. Week 10- Texas @ Texas Tech. Week 12- Texas Tech @ Okalahoma. Week 14- Missouri Vs. Kansas, Oklahoma @ Oklahoma St.

Reasons to watch- Seriously, where else can a QB pass for 646 yards and lose? (TTU Vs. OKSt., 2007), and where else can a team upset a powerhouse every year, and end up choking against teams who are winless in the conference, that very same year? (TTU, every year)... Mike Leach & Mike Gundy postgame press conferences. Michael Crabtree and Harrell padding their stats during OOC play. And the greatest crop of college quarterbacks that we may ever see in a conference.