Six Reasons Why the Virginia Tech Hokies Will Go Undefeated

Justin CocchiolaCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2008

Okay, all you doubters out there, this is the article for you.  I'm sure many of you won't agree with me after reading this article for whatever reason, but I strongly feel this way.

Let's just clear one thing up right away: Virginia Tech is experienced at every position except wide receiver.  This can easily be overcome if you have an experienced quarterback and a productive running game.

One of the reasons I'm most excited for this season is that the running game may be the primary focus for the Virginia Tech offense once again.  The running game is what is going to win Virginia Tech games this season.

We have two running backs with game experience on the roster and two very capable redshirt freshman in Josh Oglesby and Darren Evans.  I don't know who the starter will be at this moment, but my guess is Kenny Lewis Jr. and Darren Evans will receive most of the snaps.

If Evans isn't the starter by the end of the season, I will be shocked.  He had a good spring and a better summer.  I'm looking at him to have a very big year.  Ryan Williams is probably going to be redshirted.

Obviously you have heard that Sean Glennon is the starting quarterback this year.  He will be there to lead a very young wide receiving corps.  Danny Coale, Xavier Boyce, and Dyrell Roberts are among the freshmen that will likely play.  Ike Whitaker should also get considerable playing time, and possibly Zach Luckett as well depending on how the coaching staff handles his suspension.  

However, the dark horse of this receiving corps will be Victor "Macho" Harris.  Beamer promised him playing time on offense when he arrived in Blacksburg as a freshman, and this is the year that promise should come true.

The offensive line returns all but one starter, Duane Brown, and should be much more dependable than they were the first half of last season.  Sergio Render is the anchor of that line and will lead that group during the season.

The defensive side of the ball has four returning starters: Orion Martin on the defensive line, Macho Harris and Kam Chancellor in the secondary, and Cam Martin at the linebacker position.  Jason Worilds and John Graves should be starting on the defensive line, and I look for the two of them to wreak havoc in offensive backfields this season.

Purnell Sturdivant and Brett Warren should fill the two vacant slots at the linebacker position.  Both of these players have had significant playing time in the past, and the only real difference this year is they will start.

Davon Morgan and Dorian Porch have been battling for the open safety spot since the spring, but whoever wins that job will probably share it.  Rashad Carmichael is likely to fill the corner slot opposite Harris.

Now that you have an idea of how the team looks, I will give you the reasons Virginia Tech will be undefeated at season's end.

1. The defense will pick up where it has left off in the past.  Frank Beamer has said that   this is one of the fastest, most athletic defenses he has ever had.

2. They play in the Coastal Division of the ACC.  Tar Heel fans need to stop kidding themselves, Georgia Tech will be a wreck, and Miami might be tougher than previous years but will come up short.

3. The only out of conference games worth noting are ECU and Nebraska.  ECU played us close last year, but they faced a much different, less athletic team.  I'm sure Bo Pelini will have his boys playing tough, but Nebraska will be overmatched.

4. If Clemson actually comes through and wins the Atlantic division—and coming through has been hard for them in the past—they will falter where it matters most.  However, this would be a great ACC Championship matchup, and I hope we're lucky enough to see it.

5. Our other conference games are Maryland, Florida State, Duke, and Virginia.  The only team here that has a shot of beating us is FSU.  That’s if there hasn’t been another cheating scandal by the time we play them.

6. Most importantly, Virginia Tech football will once again be Virginia Tech football—winning games with defense, special teams, and the running game.