College Football: How I'd Fix the BCS Mess

Josh McCainSenior Writer INovember 15, 2010

BERKELEY, CA - NOVEMBER 13:  Josh Huff #4 of the Oregon Ducks runs with the ball against the California Golden Bears at California Memorial Stadium on November 13, 2010 in Berkeley, California.  (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
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For what it's worth everyone and their brother has a plan for fixing the BCS in college football.  If you ask most fans they'll tell you they hate it and follow that up with how they'd fix it.

Well I'm no different.

It's not so much that I hate the BCS, I just feel it takes away the drama of what you get with a play-off system.

To compare it with March Madness (something that is done all too often) if you had a BCS system in college basketball you wouldn't have fantastic stories like the 2007 George Mason team that many experts thought shouldn't have been in the field of 64 to begin with.  The team that nobody wanted in made it all of the way to the Final Four.

You just don't have that kind of drama in college football.  In fact, most years we know who will be playing for the title usually by week three.

In college basketball once we get the field of 64 we still aren't sure what two teams will be there at the end.

However, the violence and dynamic of football make a college playoff a little bit more difficult than college basketball or even the NFL.

College basketball can field 64 teams for a playoff because basketball isn't a violent sport and a team can play three to four games in a week.  You can't do that in football.  Even if they wanted to, two games in a single week for one team is pushing it.

Also the NFL only has 32 teams to worry about, and only 12 of those teams make the post season. College has hundreds of teams and weeding them out is a difficult process.

I've put some time into this playoff system of mine, in fact I came up with this idea weeks ago, but before I wrote anything I wanted to perfect it as much as I could.

Now granted my system isn't 100 percent fair, but shoot no play-off system is really.  Just ask any 10 win team in the NFL who sit at home and watch the play-offs while an 8-8 division winner plays on.  Dolphins fans know what I'm talking about.

So anyway, here we go.

I propose one Super Conference made up of the pre-season Top-25 teams.

This conference would only play each other, no cake walk out-of-conference games to bolster your record and get large margin victories.

No, in my system if you want to be the champion you've got to earn it.

Right away I'm sure you're saying, "What about teams 26-30?  A lot of them crack the Top-25 during the season."

This is true, they do, but rarely are those teams ever a threat at competing for the National Title.  Like I said though, my system isn't 100 percent fair.

Much like the NFL these Top-25 teams would compete for 12 play-off spots with the top four teams getting a bye.

Now the rest of the Top-25 would also play in Bowl games along with 13 teams outside the Top-25.  These bowl games would help determine next seasons Super Conference.  The only teams guaranteed a spot there the next season would be the 12 teams that made the play-offs.

The playoff system would then run like a cross between the NFL and the College Bowl System.

These nine games would include the top four bowl games, Fiesta, Orange, Rose and Sugar, with the championship game rotating between them (like they do now), and include another five bowl games from the remainder, in which they too would rotate in and out of the playoff system.

In this system, we the fans, get our drama packed playoffs and the NCAA still keeps their bowl games that they make so much money off.

Honestly, what I propose isn't that complicated, and given that teams 13-25 aren't automatically in the Super Conference the next season allow for mid-majors and others to get in and make a run at the title that right now they have no shot at.

Will something like this ever happen in college football?  Honestly, I don't know, but I doubt it.

Every year sports radio and television say we're closer to a playoff system but then nothing happens.  Either the NCAA ignores our pleas for a playoff or teams lose games they should easily win and the by a few strokes of luck the two top teams play for the National title, and the NCAA says "I told you so."

But we can all dream, can't we?  And maybe one day we'll have a playoff system that is enjoyable, might not be like the one above but at least it will be better than what we have now, I hope.

Until next time, loyal reader, you can get more out-of-the-box sports thinking and other random stuff from me on Twitter (@jomac006).