Casey Dick, New Offense Brings Hope For Razorbacks

HogSportsTalk.comContributor IAugust 27, 2008


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Did you jump on the Casey Dick bandwagon after the spring football game?

The Senior quarterback from Allen, TX threw for a million yards and looked sharp as a tack. I personally set there in awe with many of my friends and could not believe what I was witnessing. It was the beginning of the Bobby Petrino era and it was obvious the fans were eating this new offense up as fast as a Hope, AR watermelon.

Some quotes I heard about Casey Dick and the offense…

“This is going to be a fun team to watch, I’m stoked”

“Houston Nutt is no longer here boys”

“Casey is night and day different from just a few months ago”

“I can’t believe how good he looks”

“Bobby Petrino is an offensive genius”

“Did I die and go to Hog Heaven…somebody pinch me”

Razorback fans became frustrated with Houston Nutts running game and dreamed of the days to see a pass thrown down field. I remember one game I attended during the 2005 season where a fan stood up and clapped when the hogs threw a 30 yard pass down the sideline. The funny thing about that pass, it was incomplete. That didn’t stop this guy from expressing his feelings about running it up the middle every other play.

That was a testament of many Razorback fans who were frustrated even though Darren McFadden and Felix Jones were the best combo running backs in the country. I don’t think people were upset about us running the football. In fact, it would have been crazy not to give the ball to the big horses. I believe the fans were upset with the non ability to at least try and throw the ball deep. At least to keep the defense honest.

You can rest assured those days are gone.

Petrino will utilize every aspect of athletic talent he can find to make this offense as balanced as possible. He will throw the football early and run late. That is his philosophy and we better hope it works to perfection because if Arkansas does have to throw the football 50 times a game, it may be a long season.

In Birmingham, AL at the SEC Media days, it was Tommy Tuberville that said a big misconception about Bobby Pertino is that he likes to throw the ball on every down.

“A lot of people think he will not run the ball, but that is not true. Bobby will run it just as much as he will throw it, Arkansas will be balanced” Tuberville said.

Arkansas fans can expect to see the tight ends catch the ball this year like never before. DJ Williams may very well find himself on the All-SEC team at the end of the season. During the spring game Williams caught more passes in five minutes than he did the entire season a year ago. Petrino will nickel and dime a defense to death with his “Feed The Studs” approach to calling plays. This coaching staff is very smart and will find the weak spot of a defense and peck at it until they are stopped. Casey Dick has to step up on the field and be able to read the defense quickly to deliver the right play.

Will he do that?

Granted the second team defense he faced in the spring was not the Florida Gators, but if he can bring that kind of performance to the table the Arkansas Razorbacks should go bowling again.