Ben Weixlmann's Top Five College Football Moments

Ben WeixlmannSenior Writer IAugust 27, 2008

I have been on this earth for 20 years now, and, for the majority of those, I've been watching college football each weekend to see some of the most exciting moments sports has to offer. I will attempt to name the top five college football moments of my lifetime.

No college football fan would be legit without favoring their own team, though, so this will be a somewhat biased list, as well being restricted to moments that have occurred within my lifetime.

Without further ado, here we go:

5. Tim Biakabutuka runs for 313 yards against Ohio State (1995)

Not only does Biakabutuka have one of the best names in college football history, but he could also run pretty well. Biakabutuka ran for the second-most yards in a single game in University of Michigan's storied history, with 313 yards.

What made it so sweet? The Wolverines were playing the archrival Ohio State Buckeyes, and Biakabutuka couldn't be stopped in the Big House. I remember watching TB rumble down the field as I cheered along with my family in enjoyment. At 8.5 yards per carry, the Bucks' defense got thrashed.

4. Texas defeats USC in Rose Bowl (2006)

This might just be the best football game I have ever seen in my life. The two best quarterbacks and the three best players in the nation were highlighted in this game. Vince Young scampered for 200 yards on the ground, including a dramatic touchdown run with 19 seconds remaining to put his Longhorns on top for good.

USC's Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush, two of the finest players in college history, came up just short on a third straight bid at a national title. Young will forever been remembered for his performance in winning the BCS championship in '06.

3. Desmond Howard strikes his Heisman pose (1991)

Everyone has seen it. As a Michigan fan, it is permanently etched in my memory as one of the clearly amazing moments in college football history. After returning a punt for a touchdown, Howard struck the Heisman pose, and, sure enough, he won it that year.

Not only did Howard win the Heisman that year, but no one else came even close. He garnered 85 percent of the first-place votes, and went on to have quite the NFL career, winning a Super Bowl MVP award.

2. Boise State defeats Oklahoma in Fiesta Bowl (2007)

Just behind No. 4, this game goes second on my list of best games of all-time. Why is it ranked higher than the USC-Texas game, then? Well, the dramatic ending to this game may never be matched.

After coming into the game as overwhelming underdogs, the Boise State Broncos hung with Adrian Peterson and the tough Oklahoma Sooners. Boise State used two incredible trick plays to capture the Fiesta Bowl title.

First, it was a hook-and-ladder from the laser arm of quarterback Jared Zabransky. The climactic ending happened when Zabransky's faked a pass and handed the ball off to running back Ian Johnson, who will ever be remembered for dashing into the end zone and holding his now-wife in his arms. Johnson and Zabransky completed the David vs. Goliath upset with the utmost drama.

1. Charles Woodson wins the Heisman Trophy (1997)

Although I was only 9 years old, I can vividly remember watching the 1997 Heisman Trophy ceremony with extreme excitement. I was so anxious and nervous, because I knew the presumable outcome. After hearing Charles Woodson's name, I got up off the couch and ran around my house for nearly 10 minutes screaming the entire time.

My idol as a kid, Woodson had one of the best years of any defensive player in college football history. What makes it even more special, not only is he a Wolverine, but he is the first and only primarily defensive player to claim the prestigious award. Woodson also led his Wolverines to their most recent national title; in addition, he beat Tennessee star Peyton Manning in the Heisman voting process.

What do you think about it? Let me know!